Dec 20, 2010

Why I might never go in my kitchen again

By now you all are probably familiar with the ridiculous things that have happened since the mister and I moved into our apartment. I thought a few more stories might be fun way to start your week off.

Story #1: How I destroyed three things in two seconds

A little over a week ago I was getting ready to leave the apartment, to see with a friend who was in town. I was going to bake cookies at her house, so I could visit with her but still get things done. (I had a cookie exchange to go to that weekend). I told her I'd bring all the ingredients, so I was packing up the necessities (for these cookies) - flour, nutmeg, chocolate chips, when I got to the sugar. I'd just bought a new bag of sugar and debated about whether or not to just take the bag, or empty it into the canister I normally keep it in and take it over that way.

I figured the canister was the safer bet, because I didn't want the bag to somehow rip and get sugar everywhere. (Foreshadowing anyone?) I filled the canister (not highest quality, but ceramic and nice enough), sealed it, and picked it up to place it in the tote bag I was using to transport everything. In a matter of seconds the canister slips out of my grip, falls into the tote bag, hits the kitchen floor, and breaks.

I probably stood there for a good minute just looking at it, trying to figure out if that really just happened. I started laughing - I mean, what else could I do? - and tried to look on the bright side, at least it fell into the bag and there wasn't sugar all over my floor. It looked like maybe I could scoop up some of the sugar and salvage it, although the canister was obviously done for. I get a plastic container to start scooping out sugar, except along with the grains of sugar, shards of the canister were coming with it. Apparently the canister didn't just break, it shattered. Excellent.

Bright side number two: if I couldn't save the canister or the sugar, the tote bag would be fine after a couple of times through the washer. I go to pick up the tote, and see that the floor beneath it must have been wet because the bottom of the bag was soaked, and the sugar was starting to clump within it. This is when I really started laughing, because really? In a split second I'd destroyed a canister, ruined a tote, and lost a whole bag of sugar. Excellent.

Silver lining: I did get more sugar, made the cookies, and they were a hit.

Story #2: How I almost set my kitchen on fire

Awhile ago, I won a giveaway of a photograph of four cherries all lined up. I thought it was fun and cute, and had it a few different places in the apartment before I realized it would be perfect in the kitchen. I got rid of the cheap print of the chef with the cheesy grin I bought back in college, and put the cherries front and center over our stove, beneath the light but above the range itself. Every time I was cooking or baking I'd look up at the print and it would make me smile.

I thought of getting a wooden frame to put it in so I could really hang it (instead of just having it taped up there), but I'd of course only think of it when I was in the kitchen. A few times one of the edges would come off the wall slightly from steam or moisture from a dish cooking on the stove, but I'd simply push it back against the wall and it would stay, no problem.

One night last week, Ben and I were making dinner when I smelled something a little off. I figured we'd accidentally spilled something in one of the burners (we have an electric stove, not gas), and it needed to cook itself off. I turned the fan on above the stove, and went back to doing some things in the kitchen while waiting for everything to heat up.

The smell seemed to be getting worse with the fan, and every so often we would hear this slight popping sound. Ben pushed at the bottom of the light above the stove, but that didn't seem like it could make that kind of noise. I peered into our pans, wondering if something weird had fallen into them that we hadn't seen. Nothing. As the smell got worse, my gaze wandered around our kitchen, and froze when I looked above the stove. It was empty.

Me: Uh babe? I think I know where that smell is coming from.
Ben: Really? What?
Me: Well, you know that picture above the stove?
Ben: Uh-huh.
Me: It's not there anymore.

It was at that moment we both realized what we had been smelling - melting plastic.

Luckily, dinner was ready so we turned off the burners, left the fan on, and laughed. We were able to pull the stove out the next day (we wanted it to be completely cool before moving it), and grab the (slightly singed) picture - which has since not been put back up.

Silver lining: It took a couple days but our kitchen doesn't smell like melting plastic anymore.

Since then, our kitchen overhead light has started flickering inconsistently. Between that and the microwave, I'm going to lose my mind. Never a dull moment, people.

Are you amazed at my destroying abilities? Have you ever accidentally melted plastic? Anything ridiculous happen to you lately?

Happy Monday!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh wow... That's awful and awesome at the same time... :) When I first moved into my condo 5 years ago, I had a friend over for dinner and was making him spaghetti. I warmed up the oven to cook some garlic bread. After he'd been there for awhile, he mentioned an odd smell coming from the kitchen... The stove was brand new and I have never used it... Unfortunately, before turning it on, I didn't notice that it had stuff in it... Like a plastic wrapped broiling pan and a plastic container of stove top cleaner... which were melting from the heat. Lovely. It was such a mess as there was dripping plastic all over the place. :(

Kyla Roma said...

lol! Oh my goodness! You've been having some adventures! :) I think that there's a point when you start being active in the kitchen and making lots of new things and taking risks, when it just... kind of falls apart! I don't think it says anything about your abilities, it's just that you're in there more than before and there's more of a chance for things to go wrong!

I've broken glass, dropped knives, melted plastic lids into the elements, picked up hot pans with bare hands, and scalded myself taking things out of the microwave. Multiple times! I think that more than anything, those are badges of honour along the way to becoming really kitchen savvy :)

Ashley Paige said...

awwww! hilarious and giggle-inducing yet terribly awful all at the same time. i've done things like this many times- how come it always seems like this stuff happens to us and not our husbands? just a couple of days ago, i had just finished boiling water in the kettle for tea and had moved the kettle from the hot burner to a cool burner, went to grab the milk from the fridge and placed it directly on top of the still excruciatingly hot burner that was just boiling my tea water.. um, let's just say it doesn't take long for plastic milk cartons to melt. Oye.. At least you can always look to the silver lining! Happy Monday, friend!!

Nora said...

Um, I was babysitting once, maybe a freshman in high school and made mac & cheese for the kids. Except I grabbed the wrong pot. It was a PLASTIC pot and of course it melted all over the stove. I am not sure what I was thinking to this day, but I got it cleaned up and then everything was fixed/better. The mom didn't care and the kids thought it was funny so at least it wasn't too terrible....

Emily Jane said...

Oh goodness! Way to look at the silver lining, though I'm sorry about your print! :(

I have definitely melted plastic before - my last measuring jug was plastic and I left it on the stove while it was still hot, and that was a disaster. I've also burned lots of furniture with a left-on hair straightener. I burned my floor once when the iron fell over and I didn't find it for two hours, lol! Let's just say I didn't get that damage deposit back... haha

Lisa said...

Haha, that is too funny!! Once, when I was over at mom's house, I was showing her my delicious chicken tortilla soup recipe (which requires being cooked in a crock pot.) The crock pot took an abnormally long time to heat up, and there was kind of a funny smell throughout the entire cooking process, but we couldn't locate the source and figured it was just because she hadn't used the crock pot in a while. The soup turned out great. But later, when my mom pulled the pot part out to wash, she realized that the instruction manual had been stuck at the bottom (underneath the pot but inside the part that heats up, make sense?) and that was where the funny smell had come from! Luckily it was only a little brownish, and hadn't started a fire! Haha.

Vanessa said...

Haha, oh goodness! I have melted so many plastic things on my stove that it's not even funny. The bottom of my French press definitely has a distinct burner-shaped ring on it...adds character! ;)

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Sounds like you're even better than I am! Wow. Maybe we're take-out kinda gals?

suki @ [Super Duper Fantastic] said...

It's funny, but scary all at the same time! Good thing you figured out what happened with the painting! :P

Amber said...

HAHAHAHAHA about the picture! I'm just imagining you looking around and then being like "uh oh, where is that picture?" Hahaha oh man!

This summer Eric turned the broiler on WAY to high to make pita's and our entire apartment was filled with BLACK SMOKE! The three of us had to wait out side on our patio for like 30 minutes while the apartment aired out. That was not a pretty experiment but I was laughing my ass off about it! Haha

Stephany said...

Oh, my gosh. I'm laughing so hard right now! With #1, I'm just in awe that you laughed because I might've screamed or cried. LOL. And with #2, I can just totally picture it!

Mandy said...

Oh no becky! I'm glad the cookies turned out ok and that nothing caught on fire. I had bad luck in the kitchen earlier today. I burned chocolate chips in the microwave, setting off the smoke detectors and giving myself a third degree burn on my thumb. I took that as a sign to stop the holiday baking and just enjoy the rest of the week.

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