Jan 3, 2011

For the moment

Happy New Year! I had this whole post planned in my head - about how I was going to talk about things I was anticipating this year. I mentioned what I loved about 2010, but I definitely have a lot to look forward to in 2011.
However, the mister and I had a conversation the other night about living for the moment and not for the future, so when I sat down to write this post the future is not what I was thinking about.

We're not moving. Well, not in February anyway. You all know I want to get out of this tiny little apartment more than anything. (Heck, I'd already started packing boxes!) But right now, it just doesn't make sense. Ben and I sat down and talked budget the other night - about the costs that inevitably add up when you move, to the stress of making sure we could find a place, to me being out of the country for the whole process - and it seemed smarter to stay, but neither of us wanted to be in this apartment for another year. The details haven't been all worked out yet, but for now the plan is to suck it up for another few months, and move in August. Long-term this is a really smart decision for us, but it's also frustrating because we're so ready to move.

I decided an attitude change was in order. We started talking about changes we could make around the apartment so it would be more home-y and not just the place where we slept. We talked about purging and re-arranging, and Saturday morning with the start of the new year, we started making our place a new apartment. We purged, sorted, packed up unnecessary items we weren't using (here's looking at you three sets of champagne flutes), and re-arranged some furniture. We found a home for one of our couches which will soon be replaced with a table and chairs that were offered to us awhile back. We worked for about six hours, and let me tell you, this place sparkled.

We realized it's okay to plan, but it's better to not live for the planning. And when I walked in from work today I walked into a home. Our home. We're going to live for what we have, not what we might have, or possibly want, and when it comes time to say goodbye to this place we'll leave the apartment and take the memories with us.

I've been in a pretty good mood since the New Year, and I know it's because I'm living for now, not for the moment three days or weeks or months from now.

Have you ever changed your attitude and decided to live for the moment? Did that help you later down the road?

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Mandy said...

I love this post Becky. Really, really love this post. Living for the moment is so important. Its all we really have. Plans and goals are great, but truly appreciating where you are at the moment is success. I'm glad that you and Ben made your place more homey. Its important to not just have a place to live, but a home. =) Love you!!

Lucy The Valiant said...

Oh, I love this! You are so wise! And New Year's Day is the BEST time to clean and organize... it's almost irresistible!

Amber said...

Love this! And, like I told you tonight, I think a revamp to mine and Eric's TINY space is in order so we can also enjoy the home we live in, make it feel like a home and quit pining for the day we're in a townhouse!!

Gracie said...

I love your clever compromise! And your attitude!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I went through this, and continue to go through this, with my condo. A couple of years ago, I accepted that I could not sell this dang place anytime soon so I thought - what changes can I make so I enjoy it now? The answer was putting in wood floors. It made a WORLD of difference. It looks like a different place and I am much happier here. I still have A LOT of moments of wishing I was in a different place, but I try to focus on the cool features like my fireplace... Changing perspective is a very powerful thing!!

Kyla Roma said...

Oh my goodness, I love how you guys changed your place and put all that energy toward making your apartment home! You're so creative and fabulous, you blow me away!! Well done! <3

Nora said...

This is so awesome; do we get to see pictures!? I realized the other day that lately I've been living for the planning... and while that is all well and good, I need to focus on here and now a little bit more. I tend to go in either extreme, so I'll be working on a happy medium. Here's hoping I can pull it off =) In the meantime I'm super happy and excited for you both!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

This is a great post - attitude counts for so much, and can help you enact so many changes.

Angela Knoll said...

I am proud of you. It's not easy to change your perspective and attitude, especially when you are dreaming and hoping for something that "Everyone else has." Waiting may not be the funnest thing to do but it is not without it's rewards. :)

Emily Jane said...

This really hit home for me, and SS said it perfectly - attitude really does count for everything :)

We're having a few of these talks lately - trying to decide where to live, when to live there, and what country we should be in - I think you may have just inspired a conversation for this evening that doesn't revolve around planning, and instead focuses simply on living for right now. We're still young people, aren't we? (Even if we do feel 80 at heart... :))

Vanessa said...

"We realized it's okay to plan, but it's better to not live for the planning."

Smartest thing I've read all day. Seriously. Love this post!

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