Jan 25, 2011

The weather edition

Oh post it note Tuesday, how I've missed you.
What would your post it note say today?


Lucy The Valiant said...

Gas tanks can FREEZE? Are you serious? Sheesh! I just got WAY more grateful for Texas!

Gracie said...

Dear rain, I appreciate that you are excited to be making up for such a dry Fall. But I can't swim and I have to make it to my car somehow. Could you calm down just a little?

Amber said...

Dear Freezing Rain, I could really do without you. You make running and driving damn near impossible. Please send back your cousin snow. Thanks.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Dear Winter - go away. I am tired of you.

Dear New Planner that I ordered - I can't wait for you to arrive. My printed-off paper calendar system is just not working out anymore.

Dear Public Transportation - Oh how I have missed you. It is fabulous to ride the bus again and read while someone else deals with traffic.

Britt said...

Dear Rain, I've had about enough thanks. You can let sunshine come out and play soon.


Nora said...

Dear Office:
Stop being so freakin' cold. This is just unbearable. Hard to look cute when it is this cold.

Dear Winter:
I'm done with you. Please bring me spring.

Dear Becky,
I miss you. Let's make that sleepover thing happen, ok?

Mandy said...

Dear Winter:
If you're going to hang around can you please arrange for me to have a snow day or two? Otherwise, knock it off.

Dear Auditors,
Please don't randomly select me to talk to tomorrow, I don't want to answer your questions.

Dear Becky,
Love you! Don't forget that, ok?

Darcie said...

Had I written this on Tuesday, I would have said:
"Dear cold weather,
If you're going to be this cold, please snow already!"

I didn't write it on Tuesday and it snowed already!

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