Feb 13, 2011

Because parking on the street is for suckers

I'm back! Ukraine was hectic, crazy, sometimes stressful, and so wonderful all at once! I definitely worked hard, and apparently I loved it so much I brought some back with me...in the form of a head cold! I have lots of pictures and stories from Ukraine (including the one above!) but bear with me this week as I re-adjust to this time zone.

First off, thanks so much to my guest bloggers from last week - you ladies were fabulous and I didn't worry about blog stuff at all because I knew it was in good hands. As promised, there's a giveaway coming up tomorrow, but I wanted to take a moment and make a plea for your help for the mister!

Ben has entered the Stan Lee Foundation Create a Superhero competition (in conjunction with Talenthouse). Ben submitted his own character for submission - and he needs votes in order to win. The winner will be chosen as a winner based on the number of votes they receive.

If Ben wins he will be flown to the San Diego Comic book Convention this summer and introduced to the most influential people in the comic book/video game/and toy industry. He'll get to spend a day with Todd McFarlane in his toy-making studio, and they turn Ben's character into a statue or a toy! This could be amazing for Ben, and really help him break into the comic book industry which you know is something he's been working towards for a long time.

So, would you please please vote for him? And tweet/facebook/tell all your friends to vote for him too? As of this morning he needed 180 votes to put him in the top 50 - if every one of my followers voted just once that would mean he's only 12 votes away from being in the top 50! You can vote two ways: through facebook, and through a text message on your phone. I know some people get worried about "sharing" their information, but I've done both, and all it does is link to it on your facebook wall - you won't get spammed with phone calls, or emails, I promise!

Okay, I know I've overwhelmed you with links, but this is really the only one you need: VOTE! Please please please! It would mean the world to Ben and me!

(And a HUGE thanks to everyone who has already blogged/tweeted about it!)


Amber said...

Welcome back!! Can't wait to see more pictures and hear stories (especially the story behind THAT photo ;) )

Gracie said...

Can't wait to hear trip stories - and what a great opportunity for Ben.

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