Feb 20, 2011

Great Request. Don't feed fishes!

The hotel I stayed at while in Ukraine was nothing short of fabulous. It was such a different experience from the hotel in Kosovo - no leaking shower, no random concrete room behind a red curtain, (seriously, I wasn't sure if it had been used for torture or *ahem* dancing) - the place in Ukraine was beautiful!

We were near the water so everything in the hotel was marine-themed. There was a gorgeous fish tank on the first floor, and even the keys had sea creatures on them. I was also a fan of the way they regulated the electricity in each of the rooms. You had to put your room key into this slot in order for the electricity to be activated - a great way to turn the lights off when you leave, and not get locked out of your room!
I almost don't want to talk about how amazing the food was, because it's going to make me miss it. I learned there's a region of Ukraine so fertile that the soil there is referred to as "black soil." I had so many delicious vegetables there - they all tasted so fresh!
Yes, those were a type of cookie. Yes they had caramel in them. Yes I wish I brought some back with me.

The hotel also had a beautiful pond in the downstairs lobby.
And my favorite part about the pond was the sign that accompanied it...
The service was fabulous, the food was amazing, and I was so relaxed each night as I fell asleep. Because the city we were in is more of a resort town (i.e. most of their business is done in the summer time), we were pretty much the only guests. It was so peaceful - what more can you ask for?

Have you ever stayed in a hotel where you felt totally at ease? Or are you more of a "I need my own bed" kind of person?


Amber said...

We had those "key cards required for lights" in a lot of hotels we stayed at in Europe too - very cool way to save power!

That hotel looks awesome. I just ADORE staying at hotels - it's the most relaxing thing. Though, after THREE weeks in different hotels during our Europe trip I was DEFINITELY ready for a regular bed! Lol

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

In general, I sleep really terribly in hotels because most tend to have sort of thin walls and I am a light sleeper so I hate hearing people running down the halls, etc.

Staying in an apt in Paris, though? Totally felt 'homey' so I slept pretty well and felt totally at ease! I think the fact that I stayed in an apt is part of the reason that I didn't feel a huge desire to return home. I usually get sick of hotels by the end of a trip but I did not get sick of my lovely apt in Paris. I could stay there forever, seriously! Um, but I could not afford that, ha!

ruthpclark said...

I'm definitely more of a want-my-own-bed type of person. I even contemplate bringing my own sheets! Maybe I just haven't been to a nice enough hotel, though....!

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