Feb 23, 2011

On being focused

I'd like you to meet our newest addition.
Some dear friends of ours had a dining room table and chairs they were no longer using, and needed a home. We'd been talking about how we'd like to have a table again (one that gives us more seating), and when this opportunity arose we gave one of our couches to a friend, and brought the table right in. We have more seating this way, and already have plans for people to come over for dinner!

This table is fabulous. It's sturdy, comfortable, helped me cross an item off my birthday list, and finished off our New Year's re-arranging. (Can you say slam dunk?)

Something's changed since the table's been here. Yes, we've had dinner on it, (I even got up and made Ben breakfast at 4:15 AM last weekend before he had to go to work so we could eat together!) but more importantly we've had conversations around it. Everything from how our days were to what we'd do if we won the lottery, and everything in between.

I'd forgotten how the table is something that invites conversation - and we're happy to oblige.

Ben and I had a great discussion the other night about what we're going to do to prioritize things financially to accomplish a slew of goals this year. We made time lines, set deadlines, and are trying to hold each other accountable to cross those finish lines. (Then we talked about how all of that made us feel really grown up).

I'm not saying the conversation happened because of the table, but it might have nudged it along a little bit.

Is there a piece of furniture, or a room in your house that invites conversation?


Diana Mieczan said...

Oh yes, we sit a lot by our dining table too...Its in our kitchen and whenever Balazs or I cook we have long talks by it. There is really something special about kitchen and dining table that brings people together:)Kisses, my dear

Ps: I’m hosting an stunning Ruche GIVEAWAY later today! Hope you’ll join in :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yea for having a dining room table. I can't wait to sit around that table with you & Ben in just over a month! Yippee!

None of the furniture in my apt invites conversation, unfortunately. I have a crapy hand-me-down table that is currently covered with CFA study materials. Seriously. You can't even see the table. I might replace my uncomfortable love seat that is on it's last leg, but that would mean I'd have to do something w/ my comfy reading chair and I really don't want to get rid of that & am not sure where else it would fit in my condo... I am going to tackle that problem after the CFA, though. I can't really make any decisions or do anything until that dang test is behind me!

Lucy The Valiant said...

Yay for getting a table! Tables may be the most underrated pieces of furniture ever! When we got ours a few months ago, I was amazed at how quickly we all started gravitating to it. We eat all our meals together now, and Ariel loves to sit and draw for hours, and I have a space to spread out my papers to grade... it may actually be my favorite part of the house!

Gracie said...

Life centered on our dining room table growing up. Enjoy!

Amber said...

I miss my table so much! Can't wait till we move and I can get it back. Right now our whole basement suite invites conversation beause it's SO DANG SMALL! Haha

Nora said...

The dining room. Big Sunday dinners with the family (just the four of us usually) but it's where we play games, make plans, work sometimes, tell jokes, stories, share memories. It's hugely important and I love it.

With Knight, it's a couch/or bed. Wherever we can snuggle and really talk, hash out plans for the future and etc. It's pretty magical as silly as that sounds!

Stephany said...

This is such an awesome post because my mom and I are getting a new kitchen table delivered this weekend! We've been using my brother's for the past year and before that, we had NOTHING! I just hope it'll make us USE it more.

Mandy said...

The living room in our house is the gathering spot. At my grandparents house its the kitchen table. I'm inviting myself to your house in DC in about a month so we can have some talks around that table. OK?

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