Feb 26, 2011

The quiet

My husband's asleep. The apartment is clean, and although I have options available to me (Netflix, books to read), I'm pausing...to savor the silence.

It's a stillness really, a calm. After a full day of stress and errands, laughs and fears, this quiet is breathtaking.
My mind is not wandering, planning things to do, I'm not wrapped in what's going on tomorrow or next week, I'm just enjoying the peace.

Right now all is right, and I feel like I'm learning just by sitting here, soaking it all in.

Life is good. The world is just, and everything is beautiful. I know these moments are fleeting so for now I'm simply going to savor the silence.

Do you ever have moments like this?

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Lucy The Valiant said...

Lovely. Moments like that are just delicious, is all!

Brittany said...

sounds wonderful...like a perfect saturday night :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yes, I do have occasional moments like that - especially in the summer when I am sitting on the deck at my parents cabin with a cup of coffee in hand. I love those peaceful moments! And I will also have them on days after it has snowed and the trees are all covered in frost as the world just looks so beautiful on those days!

Amber said...

Yes! I had moments like that ALL THE TIME when we were in Europe where I would just stop, take a deep breath in and smile and BE.

I need to try and carry that through into my day-to-day life more!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I cherish such moments. I need them. I hear you!

Gracie said...

I love those moments - me, my devotional, a cup of coffee, and a few neighbors still stumbling home from Snake 'n Jake's dive bar. Peace!

Mandy said...

Yes! I love those quiet moments so much. Enjoy it friend.

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