Feb 25, 2011

A review (finally!)

I want to keep growing with my yoga practice, so when I decided to review a product for CSN Stores I thought a yoga block and strap would be good choices!
However, by the time they came in the mail there was so much going on, I simply threw them in my suitcase and figured they might motivate me to exercise while in Ukraine.

I really liked them! I'd never used a strap or a block before, so I was a little afraid I'd use them incorrectly, and maybe I did, but it worked for me! I used the block for poses where I couldn't reach the ground, and it was solid - I didn't feel like it was going to slip out from under my hand.

I used the strap when I needed to clasp arms or hands behind my back and it made it a lot easier to reach when I had something to hold onto. I think I could utilize it better, I just need to use it more. I also liked that they were small enough to fit into a suitcase, because a yoga mat is something I couldn't take with me.

I would recommend them both! What I would not recommend? Doing yoga at the beginning stages of a head cold. I didn't realize I probably made myself worse until it was too late. (Although it might explain the pressure in my ears while in downward dog!)

Have you ever used a block or strap when doing yoga? How do you use them?

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? We're going to be dinner guests tonight, and tomorrow we're hosting some of our own!

*Disclaimer: I was provided these products by CSN Stores, but I was not paid for this review, and all opinions are my own!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have never used a yoga block or strap... I like that they are small/portable so you can use them when traveling!

I have a quiet weekend ahead of me. Besides dinner w/ a couple on Sat night, I will a whole lot of studying... And then some video chats. We need to schedule one soon!

Darcie said...

I've used a yoga block before, kind of against my own opinion, the instructor said I should, and surprisingly it does help! I think you used it the right way, as it should be there to help in times when you can't reach the ground. Thanks for the review!

Brooke said...

You definitely used them both the right way! During my Saturday yoga class we use both the block and the strap. My instructor says that different instructors have different opinions about these items, but she sees them as tools to help push our limits! I agree with her! I like to use the strap while doing leg stretches. I tend to feel them more with the strap. Good luck!

Nora said...

I've never even done yoga so I must confess I had no idea that a yoga block existed. Strap yes, block no. Sigh.

This weekend... tonight and Sunday are low-key but tomorrow is a whirlwind of baking with my brother, shopping with Knight, visiting a friend's new house before going to Trivia and then collapsing in bed late I imagine. But I'm excited about it :) Enjoy the dinner parties. Those are some of my favorites!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I will take this post as my final sign that I should not go to yoga this morning. I am either completely exhausted OR about to get a head cold, but in case it's #2 I'll take your advice :) Oh and I may also get a yoga block from CSN- I have a gift card there from Lisa and I've been debating how to use it, there are just so many choices!

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