Mar 11, 2011

All I can think to say is yum!

I shared how the food my first night in Ukraine was awesome. I'm here to tell you the only thing that matched it was my last night there. We went to a steakhouse restaurant that was amazing. The atmosphere, the food - if you could have transported the mister there I might not have ever left!
Front of the restaurant

Since you've already seen the bathroom of this place, let's start with the menus. They were extensive, but I opened it up and the pages simply said "wine," and "meat." And they had models that were super excited to be in there - I mean, they were practically leaping on the pages. (Yes, I am corny and lame, but I crack myself up!)
I drank a homemade mint lemonade all night - I wish I could re-create it! (It was non-alcoholic. I'd had enough vodka, thank you very much!)
But the best part about this place was of course, the food. They branded a piece of zucchini with how your steak was cooked, and the grilled vegetables that were a side dish, had a whole plate to themselves!
Near the end of the meal I decided to order hot chocolate, and they literally brought me a cup of melted chocolate. Once I poured in the milk it was a little more drinkable, but it was so rich, I only finished half!
Can you tell I was a little tired in this picture?

The last night was definitely amazing, which helped get me through the trip home. I had developed a head cold by that point so I felt like crap, had problems with everything from baggage to hotel reservations (and everything in between!), and was literally throwing up between the flights. (In the fancy airport lounges no less - I am nothing if not classy). However, with a little night time alka-seltzer and some sleep I made it home not too worse for the wear and with my bags and everything intact!

Ukraine was an incredible experience, and I'm grateful I got to see parts of this beautiful country - I would go back in an instant!


Nora said...

YUM. That looks delicious. I love how they brand vegetables with how your dish is cooked =) And the hot chocolate, well, it looks amazing and to die for.

Amber said...

OH MY that hot chocolate looks decadent! YUM!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I would've commented on the leaping menu models, too. ;)

Dani said...

Those vegetables look amazing. What all was in them, and what were they seasoned with?

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That hot cocoa looks divine. It's so rich, isn't it? I finished mine but boy did I have a tummy ache after that!

I got sick in the airport in Paris so I can relate to your experience.... how awful, right? (It happened when I landed, not a good way to start the trip!)

Now you have me craving steak, big time. :)

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Wow that food looks amazing- I'm glad it carried you through a tough trip home!

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