Mar 16, 2011

Checking in

I realized I have about six months until my birthday so I thought it would be fun to check in on my 30 before 30 list. I've crossed off what's been completed, and anything I'm working on is in italics.

1. Cook an entire Thanksgiving meal. Maybe possible this year if we're in a new place with our table?
2. Take an international trip (not for work).
3. Maybe have a kiddo.
4. Read 10 classic books that are known to be hard to get through.  (So far I've gotten through Wuthering Heights, The Way We Live Now, and The Bell Jar)
5. Travel to two states I haven't been to - then I'll have hit 25 out of 50!
6. Live in a place that's bigger than 684 square feet. (For the love of all that is holy this should be happening this summer).
7. Practice yoga more consistently. Working on this!
8. Surprise my husband with a weekend getaway. (Because we all know how much he loves surprises).
9. Participate in some kind of race - walking or running.
10. Get over all my constant stress about money. (This is definitely a work in progress).
11. Learn to like tea
12. See a broadway show in NYC
13. Go to a show or play in D.C.
14. Become more patient in the car.  The other day a guy cut me off, slammed on his brakes, then gave me the finger, and I didn't even honk my horn. Mission accomplished.
15. Discover a passion and do whatever it is to follow it. Taking steps to pursue this - more to follow!
16. Master a language - and then go somewhere where I can actually use it. (i.e. if I learn Italian, then we have to go to Italy)
17. Assemble furniture without throwing down the pieces and giving up in the middle of it. (Proof)
18. Get a dining room table and set of chairs and actually use it. (We definitely do!)
19. Get a fancy camera And oh how I love it!  
20. Take a spontaneous road trip with the mister.
21. Have a Christmas tree. Love this too!
22. Visit Ground Zero. I had lunch at the top of one of the Twin Towers, and three months later 9/11 happened. (I haven't been back since). I might have some plans in the works for this - not sure, but hopefully accomplished by the end of the summer!
23. Learn to drink more "grown-up" drinks from Starbucks. (i.e. not just frappucinos) Hello, caramel macchiato!
24. Attend a professional hockey game.
25. Buy a car.
26. Meet at least five bloggers.  Done, but this is no way means I'm going to stop trying to meet the people I know through this community! 
27. Play a video game (that does not involve Mario or racing) with the mister for an extended period of time. Super Street Fighter IV. I have no idea what I'm doing, and I get frustrated pretty quickly, but I've also won a few times. Boo-yah.
28. Get my finger situation figured out so I can wear a wedding ring again. (Yes!)
29. Donate my hair to Locks of Love. What an experience!
30. Give my blog a new (and final) design. The plan is to have this completed by my two year blogiversary in July!

By my count I've completed eleven of these, and am currently working on another eight. Not bad considering I still have two and a half years left until I turn 30!

Do you have a birthday list? If so, do you check in with it every so often or are you more of a "once a year" type person?

Happy hump day!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, you've made alot of progress! You are smart to give yourself a couple of years to accomplish these things - I only gave myself a year so I only got 15 accomplished, but I am still happy w/ that!

Kathleen said...

At first I didn't realize you still had that long until you turn thirty and I thought your list was quite ambitious for a single year! But you can definitely do it.

I'm working on a 101 in 1001 list (which I need to check in on), but when it's finished I think I might try monthly goals for awhile.

Lucy The Valiant said...

I love the idea of a birthday list! I'm glad you don't have just six months to finish this, which is what I was thinking when I read it... that would have been a seriously busy six months!

Amber said...

Whoo! You are totally going to nail that list in another 2 years :)

Nora said...

You're totally rocking this list! can't believe it's six months until our birthday month :) Fun side note: today is my mom's birthday!

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