Mar 19, 2011

Saturday morning scene

I'm going to link up to Katie's Saturday Morning Scene this morning - because there's already been more laughter than I think should be allowed before 9 AM!

This might have something to do with that review I mentioned. And I'll say this... far it's been an adventure. (Full story on Monday!)

Happy weekend!


HC said...

Looks yummy!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

ha. That is probably what would happen if I tried to make waffles, too! Hope you are having a fab weekend! See you in 2 WEEKS!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

haha, fun! :) Go link yourself up properly now so other people can visit you, y' hear?!?!

Amber said...

EVERYTIME I make waffles I spill it over. Everytime I swear. Sigh.

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Main reason I make pancakes instead haha.

Elizabeth said..., love, love waffles! :)

Lucy The Valiant said...

I am intrigued!

kim {the non-mom blogger} said...

Oh, no!

Mandy said...

Oh no! Hope the next one turned out better. Also, put peanut butter on them. Trust me on this.

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