Apr 29, 2011

The dance of the droplets

Waiting at a stop light. Adele crooning. Light sprinkle of rain. Caramel macchiato flavors bursting on my tongue.

Watching the headlights of oncoming cars shine through my windshield, making the droplets of rain appear to be dancing across my dashboard.

I think of the devastation, the sadness in the world. But this moment is quiet, peaceful, and exciting all tied up, like a beautifully wrapped present, beckoning to be opened.

Almost untouchable.

These moments don't come very often, and I wonder if the rarity of them is why I treasure them so.

(What was your favorite moment this week?)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Opening unexpected snail mail from Nora. Having a yummy mexican lunch w/ a good college friend. A text message that made me grin ear to ear.

Nora said...

Anytime I hear Adele on the radio I am super excited. I love her music.

I think, as silly as it sounds, watching Prince William and Kate this morning. The smiles on their faces, the little moments they exchanged. So lovely. You can tell they ARE in love. Just kind of gives me hope for the rest of the world, if that makes sense...?

Amber said...

I agree with Nora - watching the Royal Wedding this morning. There was something really special about it :)

Sarah Von Bargen said...

Drinking cider with my NZ bestie and pretending like we could tell the differences between them.

What a great blog and your design is so fresh.

Mandy said...

Wait, you drank a caramel macchiato? I'm so proud of you!

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