Apr 6, 2011

A little bit of bittersweet

Dear UGGs,

I love you. It's that simple. I know some people are haters but I have nothing but love for you. You've only come into my life recently (via a headache and a half for my lovely and generous mother-in-law...more on that later), but it was love at first sight. Or more like love at first feel.

From the first moment you were on my feet I knew we were going to have a wonderful relationship. You're warm, cozy, cute - heck, I love you so much I even brought you to another country with me!

Sadly, it's beginning to be the time of year where I have to retire you to my closet. I would love to keep you out year-round, but between the humidity that will be coming to the D.C. area, and the weird looks I'd get from people while wearing you with a sundress, it's just not feasible.

This isn't goodbye...just so long for now. And you better believe I'll be pulling you out the minute I smell the crispness of fall.

Your new but forever loyal friend,


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I don't own Uggs but they sound fabulous! I mean, they must be if you packed them went to Ukraine!

Hey, you could still wear them in the middle of the summer or spring. I mean, I have seen that done PLENTY in Arizona. Not even kidding. ;)

Lucy The Valiant said...

I bet lots of people wear Uggs with sundresses!

Nora said...

It's popular around here to wear the boots with shorts or dresses, so you could totally do that if you wanted too :) I'm actually a bit excited to pack away my boots for the summer... tired of looking at them! (And, you know, that they mean cold weather and snow for the most part.)

Holly said...

I've seen tons of people wear them with shorts/sundresses :D

Amber said...

I had to say goodbye FOR GOOD to my uggs this winter. I had the sweater ones and I ripped a hole in the toe :( I guess that'll happen after I wore them pretty much 24/7 for 3 winters straight. I will DEFINITELY be investing in another pair next year!

PS: Please don't wear them with shorts/sundresses. I am SO NOT A FAN of that look :P

jabawokies said...

I have a pair I generic uggs and I absolutely love them. I feel tha sadness of having to put mine away as well.

Mandy said...

You might want to pack them up and bring them west with you. Today it was 40 degrees and cold and rainy. Its totally appropriate to rock them in Wheeling. You know, just in case you wanted one last hurrah. =) PS So excited to see you and Ben in a few days.

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