Apr 25, 2011

Love in the details

The end of last week was hard, but it's amazing to see how love can be shown. I was humbled by the love shown to me in small gestures, like flowers from my husband and gifts thanking me for supporting someone. Maybe it's because I got to witness a dear friend of mine be confirmed Saturday, but I truly felt the joy of Easter this weekend.

I thought a nice way to start this week would be to do a dapple of my weekend, with some small details of love.
(1920s edition of Anna Karenina - to say I was blown away when I received it is an understatement)
(A handmade leather journal from my friend who I sponsored. It's perfect and I'm so excited to use it. Can you spot my initials?)
How was your weekend? Do you ever find love in details?

(Inspiration for a dapple of my weekend found here).


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Looks like you had a beautiful weekend! You got some great/meaningful gifts!

I had a wonderful weekend. It was rambunctious at time w/ 4 young boys running in circles, but that's how I like it! My sister surprised us and flew in for the weekend with her husband (my parents were the only one in on the surprise!).

Love that purse! I want one!

HC said...

What a great weekend! I love the color of the purse...and the nail polish...and the tulips...and what awesome book and journal...basically, I LOVE your weekend!

I found lots of love in all my snuggles, even if they were sick snuggles!

Alison Kinsey said...

your weekend sounds lovely!!! that journal was such a nice gift. i love the feel of a completely blank journal. i need to get better about writing in one!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I'm so obsessed with your purse, it's a little alarming. You'd better be glad there's a healthy amount of distance between us or I might steal it ;)

Emily Jane said...

Beautiful pics! I love the colour of the bag!

Nora said...

Are you so excited to be able to paint your nails again!?

ashleyTIA said...

Polish!! Hooray! :) I also love your jototes color. :)

ruthpclark said...

Love this! Gorgeous shots :)

steph anne said...

Omg, I love your purse!!! I think I need to buy a new purse now, haha.

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