Apr 4, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words

Happy Monday! I'm still having a great time with Lisa, and I'll have lots of stories (and pictures!) about that tomorrow, but today I'm excited to show you more of a delightful Etsy shop. I mentioned Ruth's shop last week, but oh my goodness is it lovely. Ruth's writing is wonderful (hello a dapple of my weekend), but her shop, A Comfort Given Photography is gorgeous. She was sweet enough to answer some questions- and I'm sure you'll agree with me that her pictures are fabulous!

How did you get started with your Etsy shop? I started my Etsy shop just a few months ago, in January 2011. It had been a dream of mine to open a shop for awhile, but I always assumed it'd be for my sewing creations! When I began to feel like it was becoming a chore to sew enough handbags to sell, I knew it didn't feel right and true anymore. One day, intuition just kicked in and whispered, "What about your photos?" It made perfect sense to me all of a sudden. It's become a fun way to take my photography one step further!
Do you go out with the intention of taking photos for your shop, or do you tend to stumble onto photo-taking opportunities? The photos in my shop are all photos I've taken as I've stumbled upon them. I find that's when I take my best ones! Taking them for a precise reason (like to sell), seems too forced for me and isn't as much fun. Having friends or family pose for photos evoke the same sentiment - it's very difficult for me!

How long have you been a photographer? I can remember the Christmas when I was about eight years old when I unwrapped my first camera - a slim, turquoise, 110 point-and-shoot. I was in heaven. I'd carry it around with me everywhere I went and every few months I'd beg my mother to develop the film. Not long ago, I finally purchased my first DSLR and my photography world changed. I'm slowly beginning to feel comfortable with calling myself a photographer, and I can't wait to keep learning more and go new places with this passion of mine.
What inspires you? Good poetry, bright sunlight in the morning, supportive friends, wandering through the woods, songwriters who seem to know my soul, passionate photographers, and people out in the world who are living consciously and authentically.

What's your favorite photo in your shop right now? Just one?! I always have a hard time choosing photos (you should have seen how long it took me to select the ones that are in there now...). Right now though, I'd say my favorite is April Leaves!
And just for fun - if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Cheese! I don't think I could live without it. (And if it's paired with a little red wine, that wouldn't be so bad either).

What do you think readers - aren't her photos amazing? I recently worked with her on a custom order, and I'm happy to say she's just as sweet and thorough in her business as she is on her blog. Be sure to check out her shop!

(All photos courtesy of A Comfort Given Photography)


ruthpclark said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're the sweetest :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Love her photos! So beautiful! I wish I had a better eye for photography - and didn't have shaky hands (my hands tend to shake when I take photos which = a lot of blurry photos!)

Amber said...

Awesome! I love photography as artwork and I'm currently looking for some great prints to hang in our new house :)

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