Apr 28, 2011

Wine & Love

Another Thursday, another Wine & Love! As always, thanks to the lovely Nora for hosting!

Things this week that make me want to drink a glass (or bottle!) of wine:
*Dealing with inconsiderate people. Get over yourself. The end.

*More natural disasters. First tsunamis, then earthquakes, now tornadoes. WTF?

Things I love this week:
*Taking Blog Love. Best decision ever. I'm only on the second session and it's already giving me so many ideas!

*The fact that no matter how small the odds are, the mister always says, "well, it doesn't hurt to call, maybe we will win this car," when we get those kinds of advertisements in the mail. I love that he's so optimistic.

*Flying high on faith and love left over from Easter weekend.

What kind of wine and love do you have this week? Be sure to head over to see Nora, and link up if you're participating too! Happy almost Friday!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, I love Ben's optimistic attitude, too. He rocks. :)

- wine = crappy weather, including a rain/snow mix today. but at the same time, I am incredibly thankful that I am not dealing with severe weather like tornadoes and such...

- love = group emails from my fave peeps!

Imogen said...

Thanks for mentioning (and pointing me to) the Red Velvet Shop!

LOVE it and will defo make a point of registering for the "Blog Love" & "Style Your Space" online courses :)

Nora said...

So excited to learn more about Blog Love! =) Glad it's going well so far.

I'm with Lisa, loving the group emails this week.


Amber said...

Ditto to Nora. I want to hear more about blog love!

Wine - the fact that there is a protest going on across the street from my office. How am I supposed to work with all the honking!!!!

Love - our group emails, my mom visiting, Eric working his butt off every day to finish our back patio, it is looking so nice!

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