May 27, 2011

A color infusion

Another month, another dress! Last year I participated in Kyla's Six months + Six Dresses series and I had so much fun I wanted to do it again this year!*

I wear a lot of black and grey at work. Not on purpose, that just seems to be what I gravitate towards. I'm making an effort to find pieces that are more colorful, so while this dress is simple, when I saw it, the color made me gasp.
However, it was the hardware that sealed the deal.
(I love a good zipper).

Do you tend to wear certain colors more than others? Does that change between your business clothes and what you wear when you're relaxing?

Happy Friday!

(*Disclaimer: I spoke to Kyla before using the name of this series again because it was her idea. Plagiarism in any form hurts my former English major heart, so if you like this idea or want to participate please link back to her!)


Becky said...

Testing comments!

Brittany said...

GORGEOUS! I love it - you look fantastic! And I'm with you - definitely gravitate toward black/grey for work AND weekends. But I'm wearing pink today :)

Gracie said...

Love it, especially the zipper! I don't know how so much black gets into our closets, but it sure does.

Darcie said...

Very pretty dress! Just like on the award shows, can I ask who are you wearing?

Kyla Roma said...

The hardware! lol Love it!
I have a dress that's really similar, and I kind of adore it- and it's going to be referred to as My Becky Dress from now on :)

Amber said...

LOVE that colour! Wow, looks great on you too!

I tend to gravitate towards more neutral colours at work for sure - and especially for work dresses - I do have a few dresses that are really gorgeous, vibrant colours hanging in my closet that I'd like to get more use out of though!

Nora said...

Awesome color! Looks great on you =)

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I love dresses and skirts! I could wear them everyday. I agree with you about zippers... a wonky zipper is the worst and so annoying.

Shaina said...

You look fabulous in that dress! And ... I literally JUST got home from buying the same dress, in black, to wear to a wedding in a few weeks. Score! I also love the zipper. It's so much fun. :)

HC said...

What a great dress! Great color on you, and very flattering (not that thats hard for you!)

Mandy said...

That dress looks fabulous on you doll! I LOVE colors in everything from my Fiesta ware to my clothes. I'm not afraid to wear two random colors together either, I don't know if it works or not, but I totally rock it. You can infuse a lot of color into your wardrobe through accessories (scarves, chunky turquoise pieces, fun colorful pins).

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I love that dress!

I am a huge fan of dresses and I love bright colors. Luckily I am a kindergarten teacher so they are still appropriate for work!

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