May 24, 2011

The Lost Symbol

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

My rating: 3 stars

Overview from goodreads: As the story opens, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is summoned unexpectedly to deliver an evening lecture in the U.S. Capitol Building. Within minutes of his arrival, however, the night takes a bizarre turn. A disturbing object--artfully encoded with five symbols--is discovered in the Capitol Building. Langdon recognizes the object as an ancient invitation... one meant to usher its recipient into a long-lost world of esoteric wisdom.

When Langdon's beloved mentor, Peter Solomon--a prominent Mason and philanthropist--is brutally kidnapped, Langdon realizes his only hope of saving Peter is to accept this mystical invitation and follow wherever it leads him. Langdon is instantly plunged into a clandestine world of Masonic secrets, hidden history, and never-before-seen locations--all of which seem to be dragging him toward a single, inconceivable truth.

This book kind of annoyed me. The overall story was good, but it was long (over 500 pages!), and it did not even get interesting until page 126. That's right I can tell you the exact page - because up until that point I felt like I was reading a textbook. I was so frustrated I was even tweeting about it!
See what I mean?
Even once the action started it eventually got old. There were one to two page chapters and each one ended on a cliffhanger. It made for good stopping points when I was reading, but after awhile it was simply too formulaic.

I was surprised by some things that happened throughout the story, but they weren't gasp out loud or change-my-life kind of surprises. The story was entertaining but by the last third of the book I was reading to finish.

I would recommend this book if you have some time to set aside to read it - and especially if you like science. That's part of why I think I had such a hard time in the beginning of the story. (I know the author had to explain some of the science stuff, but I found myself skipping over it because it wasn't holding my attention).

Have you read this book? Have you read any others by Dan Brown? (I enjoyed The Da Vinci Code but I haven't read any others by him). Someone said to me that the more sensationalized Dan Brown becomes, the worse his books are. What do you think?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have read The Da Vinci Code and while it was a fast read and easy to get into, it left me with a bad taste in my mouth and he misrepresented the Catholic church in that book. I know it's fiction, but it still bugged me. And I had so many conversations with people who believed that the book was pretty much non-fiction. It annoyed me and frustrated me to the point that i can't read anything else by that author...

Bummer that it was so hard to get into!!

Mandy said...

I really liked this novel. It did take a while to get interesting but I'm a big fan of Brown's work. Maybe its the history nerd in me?

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