May 11, 2011

Made in the 80s

I've been thinking a lot lately about childhood, and how things have changed over the years. I was browsing through some old files on my computer the other night and came across a poem I wrote in college. It had me grinning from ear to ear - partly because of the memories, and partly because I think I mashed the 80s and 90s together in this poem. I don't claim to be an amazing poet (I took a writing poetry class because I had to), but I thought it would be fun to share!

Made in the 80s
She was made in the 80s.
When she stood on Dad's feet while he danced around the room,
and played dress-up in Mom's clothes.
When telling stories to her stuffed animals made grown-ups smile, not worry, 
and falling asleep with un-brushed teeth wasn't the end of the world.

She was made in the 80s.
A time when "playing doctor" with a boy meant covering each other in band-aids, 
then being brave when it was time to pull them off.
When her parents worried more about her scraping her knee at the bus stop than being approached by a stranger, 
and it wasn't considered sexist when grandpa bought her a doll.

She was made in the 80s.
When chicken noodle soup and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cured a tummy ache,
and her biggest concern was protecting her Barbies from her brother.
A time when building a fort and using water guns was okay, 
as long as you didn't squirt the enemy in the eye.

A time of Rainbow Brite and My Little Pony, hula hoops, and New Kids on the Block - 
All loved by the girl with her hair in a scrunchie.
She was made in the 80s.

Does this bring back any nostalgic memories for you? Were you made in the 80s?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ah, NKOTB! Loved that band when I was younger!

I was also made in the 80s so this was remniscent of my childhood as well! Those sure were simple times, weren't they? When I think of the 80s, I think of biking to meet my friend on my super cool banana seat bike. I think of trips to the Tastee Freeze with my dad after talking him into how I deserved ice cream for whatever reason I could come up with. I think of playing school - with myself! My sibligns were older than me and the older sister closest ot my age was way too cool to play with me!

Nora said...

80s child here too.
New Kids on the Block... Joey is STILL my favorite.
Slap Bracelets! And Lisa Frank journals and notepads and Trapper Keepers and pink lined paper to take to school. I had it all.
Miss those days sometimes...

Amber said...

I was born in the late 80's so I guess I am more of a 90's kid? But yes, even those were much, much simpler times!

Mandy said...

Great poem Becky! As a true 80's child myself, I can relate to a lot of these and have so many nostalgic memories from childhood.

Darcie said...

Beautiful! I was made in the 80's too and I related to so much of this!

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