May 13, 2011

Puppy Love

Earlier this week we were dog-sitting for some good friends of ours. I've done dog-sitting before, and I've always been a little bit nervous that the dogs will freak out when the owners are gone, or have accidents everywhere, but with these two it's totally different. They're well-trained and sweet - it was so much fun hanging out with them!
This is Annie - she looks a little sad, but she's actually quite peppy! (The minute I'd come into her line of vision her tail would start thumping on the floor).
And Jasmine - such a cuddler and so smart! She's actually had training to be a service dog so she can find the food bowls if you don't know where they are, close the door when she comes in from outside, and all kinds of other amazing skills.
We wouldn't ever be able to have dogs like this because of the mister's allergies, so it was really fun to "play house" with them for a few days!

Do you have pets? Are you a dog or a cat person?

Happy Friday!


Amber said...

My mom has a yellow lab that looks just like those two little monkeys! He gets SO EXCITED when anyone comes in the room and is gentlest 100 lb furball ever.

As you know I have Webster, my orange, six-toed cat. Or "King" or "Prince" Webster as we've started to refer to him. He totally rules the roost at our house! We want to get a dog but I think we'll wait till after the wedding. I am going to blog about it next week but I am totally having PUPPY fever right now and want one SO BAD but I know that dogs are A LOT of responsibility and a lot more than cats so I know it's best to wait!

Holly said...

I love labs :) I'm definitely a dog person - which is good, since my husband is allergic to cats! We have a cockapoo-poo (cockapoo x poodle) named Chloe. She's a hellion, but we love her anyway!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

ah! i wanna dog sit. or puppy sit. but not cat sit...... maybe kitten sit.

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