May 20, 2011

Pushing through the pain

I was planning on writing this post about how I'd started a 30 day yoga challenge for myself. I was planning on telling you how I was on day three and sore as hell but I was pushing through the pain because I knew it was a good kind of pain.

Well you know what they say about the best laid plans. Between yoga, lack of sleep, stress at work, and (as the mister says) committing myself 100% to everything I'm doing, my body decided it'd had enough this week. I got a migraine one day, and ended up in tears the next, sobbing about how I felt like my body was betraying me by not being able to take exercise three days in a row.

I know I've said this before, but I have an amazing husband. He calmed me down, fed me protein, tucked me into bed, and then had gatorade waiting for me the next morning because he knew I'd be depleted after crying.

I've decided to listen to this not so subtle hint from my body, and try to take it easy this weekend. Other than another fun field trip with my book club, I'm simply going to sleep, rest, and try to relax.

Does your body ever give you signs to slow down? How do you handle it? Do you have any weekend plans? (I'll live vicariously through you!)

Oh, and this? This is what happened during my photo shoot with Jess. It involved me thinking a muddy area was firm, but it obviously was not. (A flip flop was almost sacrificed in that endeavor. And I could not stop laughing!)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am sorry you had a tough weekend. My body has definitely found ways to tell me to slow the heck down. Usually I get super sick. Or last summer, I started crying for ABSOLUTELY no reason. and I am not kidding - not a single reason to be crying. But I was so exhausted from marathon training + not sleeping well due ot living in my hot box condo. So I took a sick day and went home from work.

I guess you could say I am fragilely built to some extent. I have to be careful about not overcommitting or sleeping too little. Because I def pay for it if I do!

Yea for having a fabulous husband to support you during these craptastic weeks!

Nora said...

My body is doing this right now... migraine yesterday, this morning super sore throat & stuffy nose, still with headache. The funny thing is I can't just slow down for the next week with the moving and etc. I haven't exercised in a few days myself and it's making me crazy. So, yeah, I get this.

So glad Ben was there for you!

Mandy said...

Take some time for yourself love to just relax and enjoy being.

That mud shot makes me laugh. =)

Bel said...

I hope you feel better soon. My body shuts down whenever I don't get enough sleep too so I totally understand how you feel. Remember to relax :)

<3 Belly B

ashleyTIA said...

Hope you have a really relaxing weekend and let your body heal up.

And I just clicked over to your post about your book club - how fun! :)

Lucy The Valiant said...

Take it easy, girl! And oh, that poor poor flip-flop!

Deidre said...

Definitely take it easy.

I go to yoga 5 times week and I simply can't imagine going any more than that. In fact, I can't go more than 4 times in a row other wise my body starts to get very angry.

Good for you though. maybe alter the challenge and make it 20 times in 30 days?

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