May 2, 2011

Springing into May

Can you believe it's already May? This year is flying by! I thought it would be fun to kick the month off with another
Each month I share a new recipe I've tried recently, something I've read and want to recommend, and something I am craving, want really need.

Eat It: Lemon Tilapia with sliced almonds

This is a recipe I learned when I went on a "pampered camper" weekend a few years ago with my mom and some of my aunts. We all took mini-classes and one of mine was gourmet cooking. The chef showed us how to do fancy meals quickly and the tilapia one was so good and does not take long at all. (It actually took me longer to write out this recipe than it did to make it!) I will tell you it had been awhile since I'd made it though, so this is not a hard and fast recipe - all of this can be adjusted based on how much you want to make.
(I like almonds a lot).
4 tilapia fillets
1 cup white flour
1 tablespoon lemon juice
4 teaspoons butter or margarine (I tend to put more butter in between each fillet)
1/4 cup sliced almonds

Directions: Coat each of the fillets in flour, patting any excess off them. (This way they don't burn while cooking). Put a teaspoon of butter in skillet and when melted add fillet. (If you wait until it bubbles around the edges before flipping it this helps avoid breaking and will cook it more thoroughly overall). When finished, set on a plate and cook the rest of the fillets (individually) the same way.

Once all four fillets are cooked, put remaining butter in the skillet and mix in almonds as it melts. Pour almonds over fillets and drizzle lemon juice over fillets and almonds, allowing it to soak in. Enjoy!

Read It: Ashley's posts about reducing waste and baby steps for green living. I've really been thinking about living simply lately, and she has some little and big suggestions that are great steps to achieving that.

Need It: Momma Elephant necklace from Stevie's Etsy shop, tru.che.
(Photo courtesy of Truche)

I recently discovered her shop and her jewelry is whimsical yet still day-to-day. (Her state necklaces are delightful, don't you think?)

Anything you want to share today - something to eat, read, or need?

Happy Monday! 


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum! That looks delicious. I rarely cook fish, but I should more often because I love fish! Thanks for sharing!

I didn't make many new recipes this month... Didn't do a whole lot of cooking! My need is the outfit I posted today. :)

Nora said...

Love that necklace! My need is more time, more sleep and more fun pastel nail polishes! I'm in love with a lavender/lilac one I got last year and now I want a pale yellow and pale blue as well...!

Amber said...

That fish looks SO GOOD! I love the addition of almonds, I bet that takes it over the top!

Alison Kinsey said...

that little necklace is so cute! I've been delving into etsy a lot lately and finding so many awesome creations!
i can't believe it's already May too. where has the year gone?!!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I wish I liked fish. But I'm inspired by Ashley, too!

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