Jun 3, 2011

It's never too late for wine

I'm a little late for this week's Wine and Love, but better late than never, right?
Things this week that make me want to drink a glass (or bottle!) of wine:
*How this tiny apartment can get so messy so quickly. Part of it is due to the great purge of 2011, but we've also been guilty of not doing dishes as much as we should, and letting cleaning fall by the wayside. I'm determined to change that starting today.

*All these tornadoes and other natural disasters. Really - this is ridiculous, and scary! (And I feel like I'm repeating myself).

*Apartment hunting. Our lease is up in August and we're moving if it kills us. We've scaled back from looking to rent a townhouse, to a two-bedroom apartment, to another one-bedroom apartment simply because the prices in this area are ridiculous. (For instance, $1,000 a month for a one-bedroom apartment is considered a good deal). It makes me want to scream and punch someone and throw up all at once. We have a couple of leads but it's too soon to know if/what's going to pan out - please keep your fingers crossed. (At this point even if we wanted to stay in our apartment, which we do not, we refuse to pay what they're asking for it).
Things I love this week:
*The fact that it's Friday. Enough said.

*A new blog series (coming next week!) that has been fun and...delicious to work on!

*This nail polish. Seriously. I'm having a little love affair over here. Who knew an orange-y red could be so awesome?

*Something I received in the mail yesterday that might just relate to a giveaway for my blogiversary next month.

What are your wine and loves this week? Thanks to Nora for hosting! Any fun weekend plans?

Happy Friday!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Sorry the apartment search has been futile and frustrating. That is stressful... I hope you find something. That sucks that prices are so exorbant out there. If you live in the city here, it's expensive, but you can get a 1 bedroom in the $800 range here and 2 in a $1,000 range in the suburbs.... $1,000 for an apartment on the outskirts of the metro would not happen. So that sucks that that is the case for you guys! :(

Good luck! Hope something pops up soon!

Kinsey Michaels said...

the tornadoes the other day were so insane!!! a few of them hit in western Massachusetts which is so unusual for our area!

i wish you the best of luck in your apartment hunt! one of my friends is planning to do the same since it saves money on rent. it looks like we'll be moving at around the same time!! i'm going to be roadtripping the last week in July, making it out to CA for august 1st :)

Amber said...

Bummer about the apartment search - finding a new place to live can be so stressful and tough sometimes!

Excited to hear about your new 'delicious' blog series :)

Lucy The Valiant said...

Good luck with the apartment searching! And yay for organizing and purging! :)

ruthpclark said...

My sister lives right in DC, and I can never get over how much she pays per month for her tiny studio! (Hint, it's OVER $1000...)

Yay for being Friday! Can't wait for the new series :) I have one in the works, too! (If I ever share it!)

Stephany said...

My mom and I have our eye on a sweet apartment that would be so much better than where we're living. We're paying close to $800 right now for a one-bedroom! Wishing you lots of luck on your search. It's definitely no fun.

Nora said...

$1,000 for a one bedroom? That's just insane. I can't imagine what you're up against. I hope you find something you love and soon :)

Thanks for playing along, always love to have you join!


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