Jun 14, 2011

My new summer favorite

Ready for another fabulous recipe?

Each week I'm going to share a recipe I've found, and my experience in making it. Twelve weeks of summer, a dozen recipes to explore. I've tried new recipes before, but I really want to enjoy the time in the kitchen that it takes for me to create these. Whether they turn out well or not, I want to find joy in baking or cooking.

This week - Olivia's Chocolate Strawberry Pie

With the exception of about nine minutes in the oven for the pie crust, this is a no-bake recipe, which to me makes it perfect for summer. However, you should know that this pie is rich. I mean, it's good, but woah, there's a lot of chocolate. (And I love chocolate so that's saying something!)

See what I mean?

It was really easy to make though. Bake the pie crust, melt the chocolate, add the strawberries, and refrigerate overnight.

An easy, rich pie of delicious-ness.

What do you think? Are you a big chocolate fan of chocolate and strawberries? Do you have any go-to summer recipes?


Lucy The Valiant said...

YUM! I don't think I would be able to resist smothering the whole thing with whipped cream if I made it. Whipped cream and I have a long and complicated relationship...

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum - that looks really good! I actually don't like the traditional strawberry pie as i don't care for the sugary glaze that is usually on the berries, but I could do chocolate with strawberries! That is actuallhy the only fruit + chocolate combo I like. Looks delish! Way to try some new recipes. You are so domestic!

Brittany said...

oh. my. goodness.


PS - good to know you like chocolate, I wasn't sure!

Mandy said...

That looks so good. Really proud of you for tackling new recipes!

Nora said...

Yum. I love chocolate anything. I'd probably be lame and substitute the strawberries for whipped cream thanks to my allergies, but still would be amazingly delicous I'm sure :)

Side note: do you have a go-to recipe for the pie crust or will store bought work?

Amber said...

Umm so I am a HUGE fan of chocolate, strawberries and NOT BAKING. Win all around!

I definitely need to try this recipe!

Gracie said...

Um, delicious!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Oh, YUM! I actually don't love chocolate, but I think that with the strawberries, this might be right up my alley.

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