Jun 9, 2011

Oh goodness

I had a plan for my post today. I was going to continue the series about living with Adult ADHD, but as I was writing the post it felt forced and I don't want to post something that's not ready, so instead...how about some wine and love?

As always, the lovely Nora is hosting, so head over there and see what she (and others) have to say!

Things this week that make me want to drink a glass (or bottle!) of wine:
*Not being able to fall asleep at night. The past few nights it's taken me an hour plus to fall asleep, which results in me not sleeping soundly and being tired at work. Monday night it took so long for me to fall asleep I must have slept right through my alarms, because I didn't wake up until nine o'clock! Luckily my boss just laughed when I called to say I was on my way - partly because it was funny, but probably also because I was freaking out. (Who oversleeps until 9 AM?!)

Things I love this week
*Getting a phone call from my mom last night inviting me to girls night with her and my aunt who's in town. We laughed, we talked, we drank, and had a wonderful time. (I also might have written some of this post when I was a wee bit tipsy).

*The Hills. Oh my gosh that show is horrible and wonderful all at once...and all of the seasons are on instant netflix. (Don't judge, you know you love it). I don't know what's better - the hilarious nothing-ness that's said, or the fact that the mister refers to Spencer as "flesh beard."

*The fact that I've been rocking the recipes this week - so much that I've coined myself a domestic goddess. My goal has been reached, and my life is now complete. (Don't worry, I'll share recipes!)

How are you this Thursday? Do you indulge in any ridiculous reality TV shows? What's your wine and love today?


Annie said...

Ooohhh - can't wait to hear the recipes. I've been trying to mix it up more since we are diligently trying to eat out less. I can seind you some, too!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

The not sleeping thing sucks... :( Obv you were in dire need of sleep if you slept until 9, though! I am paranoid that will happen to me someday since I live alone. I don't sleep so well either, so Melatonin is my best friend. :)

Even though I feel great having the test behind me, this was not my best week for various reasons. But oh well! It's almost over!

Nora said...

Yeah, not sleeping is the worst. I am still adjusting to the new digs, the new bed, listening for children at night and etc. so I've not been sleeping well. I hate it!

I love that you wrote this post while you were tipsy. And that we texted during it :)

Amber said...

You're so funny. Love your tipsy texts :)

I have been sleeping EXTREMELY well and deeply this week (according to sleep cycle on my iPhone anyways) kind of weird but I'll take it!

Vanessa said...

Not sleeping is the absolute worst!

I've been watching a whole lot of Saving Grace on Netflix lately. It's the guilty pleasure that I don't feel guilty about.

Stephany said...

Oh, gosh, not being able to sleep is horrible. I dealt with bad insomnia when I was 12 so I can definitely sympathize. I hope your sleeping habits return to normal soon!

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

hi there.

enjoying your posts.

have you tried writing things out before bed? clears the head very very well.

great job on the cooking! the scones looked delicious.

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