Jul 22, 2011

Adventures in packing

Packing is consuming my life. And while it's awesome, it's also exhausting. So I thought I would share some of the fun things I've found in the process.

When Lisa was moving she found eight decks of cards. I think my version of that is post-it notes. (I didn't even know I had most of these!)

Then I found our wedding binder, that housed all our vendor information, receipts, and anything you could possibly need to know about our wedding. Yes, I threw it out. (And no, I did not get sentimental about it).

Not to be outdone by the binder, a few of our thank you notes from our wedding made an appearance as well. (We had our photographer take a picture of us holding "thank you" signs, and then the woman who printed our invitations put this image onto cards - it made writing thank you notes really fun!)

Vintage Ben & Becky

And last but not least, I found birthday cards from loved ones, and the envelope of one from a dear friend made me smile.

I've also discovered a lot of things I wrote for classes in college, including one poem that was so hilariously awful I read it to Amber over a video chat after finding it. (It was not however funny enough to share on the internet forever. Yeah. That bad).

What kind of things have you discovered while moving? Happy Friday!

*Disclaimer: Please excuse the quality of pictures, all were taken with my cell phone.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ah, I love the things you discover when moving. You know all the things I found since i did that post on it. Craziness. I gave my parents 4 of those decks. So I still have 4. wtf. why? When will I use 4 decks of cards???

Lucy The Valiant said...

a stash of post-its makes my little teacher heart beat a bit faster! :)

And I seriously love that thank-you note idea. So cute and smart!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

That's one really cool thing about moving, finding fun things like that! I would DEFINITELY find a million post its and I'm fully aware of the excessive number I have at both work and home haha. I have a problem!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I love those thank you notes! And I know I will find a lot of post-its in my stashes. The last time I "organized" I found about, oh, I don't know, 150 pens. Seriously. I didn't go through them yet, but I bet half of them don't work.

It is funny what you find when you finally go through your stuff. It's almost "good" to move from time to time just to get rid of some baggage.

Amber said...

HAHAHAHA all those post-its is making me laugh.

Oh and I'm STILL cracking up over your poem. My mouth hurt from laughing/smiling so much during our video chat! LOL

erin - mutterings of eringirl said...

so it's funny that you posted this picture with you and your husband because i have been thinking for a few days now that i wasn't sure if i had seen a picture of your husband or not? well now it is settled. now i know what he looks like and will have a picture of him in my head when you talk about him =)

i am a keeper of all things unnecessary. when we moved last year i threw away a ton of stuff. and for some reason i STILL have a ton of crap. boo. now i need to purge the garage!

Mandy said...

I really love that you're unknowingly hoarding post its. =) I have no idea what I will find when I finally move. It won't be pretty I am sure.

Anonymous said...

Love this post - so much excitement! and clicked on all your links - oh you are so right about life being too short to have matching dishes. Here's to the explosion of color! (my solution on dishes is to buy all white. Don't have to be the same ones. Just white.)

And it's my first time seeing "the Mister" in a picture - your thank you note picture is great - wow. And kudos for throwing out certain wedding junk. Geez, you must feel so good and so free.

I am reacting to this post in part because I am sifting through stacks of pictures and trying to either glue them down in unused journals hoping they look nifty or sending them to people who are in them OR .... tossing them. Yes, getting friendly with the garbage bag. (sigh)

Keep us posted. You are an inspiration. And hello to Ben. We always talk/cheer/mention the lovely gesture you made of sending us coffee. Unforgettable.

'k, back to sorting the pictures!

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