Jul 28, 2011


Otherwise known as brain dump. Because I'm up to my eyeballs in packing, people. And while I'm overjoyed about it, I'm also exhausted. So blurbs are all I'm capable of today.

*Speaking of packing - we are in the home stretch. It's only a matter of days. Days, people!

*We might have missed the trip, but my mom was great about sending pictures from the wedding, and my sister was great about sending pictures of my niece. Like this one. It makes me laugh so much because it totally looks like she's about to get into trouble.

*I've started taking my lunch breaks at work. That might sound ridiculous, but I normally just work through them with the idea of leaving earlier, but that usually doesn't happen, and when it does I get home and then focus on things I need to do in the evening - so I never really give myself a break. So I've started taking time for myself at lunch - even if its only half an hour. So far? It's been wonderful.

Aaaand that's all I've got. Literally, I just wracked my brain for something else interesting to say and all I could think was, I still need to pack all the magnets off the fridge.

So please, tell me something interesting! How has your week been? What are your weekend plans? If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Hands down, The Great Gatsby)

Happy almost Friday!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Woo hip! It's almost moving day! I know how that feels. Good luck with it all! :)

This week has been great in terms of getting my CFA results. My boss is gone so work hasn't been as fun, but oh well! I can't complain really!

Amber said...

Unless I'm meeting a friend for lunch I NEVER take my lunch breaks at work. I think it would be nice to take the time to relax and read a book or something every once in awhile. Plus my office has an AMAZING deck out back that would be perfect for sitting on in the summer!

Nora said...

I work at home for the most part now and even then don't take lunch breaks. Seriously. It's a sickness. And I don't usually leave work earlier either. I do give myself 30 minutes after work to do NOTHING except what I want to do. No housework, no anything serious. Sometimes I talk on the phone, sometimes I read, walk Jack, watch a stupid tv re-run. It's good.

Good luck with the final days of packing; I know how that feels all too well (and also, it shouldn't have made me laugh but it did, the comment about packing the magnets off the fridge).

Thinking of you! <3

Darcie said...

You totally need to take your lunch breaks! Studies show those who take a break and walk away from their desk at lunch are much more productive throughout the day, because your mind needs the break! See, I read studies; they're important! :)

Sarah said...

Good luck with your move this weekend. I will be thinking of you - and hoping for nice weather. Hmm...my favorite book? Maybe Gone with the Wind. Or something by James Herriot. That is a tough call. But definitely not Brown Bear, Brown Bear, my daughter's new favorite book.

Mandy said...

You really need to take lunch breaks. When I worked, I refused to work through my lunch break unless I really had to and I always left my office. I usually just read, sometimes I took a nap in my car.

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