Jul 26, 2011

Enjoying the mess

Each week I'm going to share a recipe I've found, and my experience in making it. Twelve weeks of summer, a dozen recipes to explore. I've tried new recipes before, but I really want to enjoy the time in the kitchen that it takes for me to create these. Whether they turn out well or not, I want to find joy in baking or cooking. 

Olivia's Blackberry and Peach Crisp - I've been waiting for months to make this recipe. I wanted to make sure all the ingredients were fresh and wonderful, and since July is the month where my favorite peach guy comes to our local farmer's market I knew this would be the perfect time to make it!

This recipe was all about getting out of my comfort zone. I don't normally like blackberries, but I made this recipe anyway, and I ended up really liking them all mixed in and baked together. I'd never zested a lemon, and when I realized I needed to I had to improvise because I had packed up the majority of our kitchen stuff. 

And in order to get the butter to mix well with the topping I blended everything with my hands. (I know baking can be messy, but I usually prefer to clean up the mess in the form of dishes, not me). Add that to the fact that I made this while surrounded by boxes, and I'm pretty proud of my normally super-type-A self!

It helped that the recipe was pretty straight-forward, and it smelled so good baking that my stomach started grumbling!

Mmm...maybe I'll make this again once we move...you know, to make our new place feel more homey.

Do you get out of your comfort zone while cooking or baking? Are you a messy cook or do you like to stay neat?

Happy Tuesday!


Lucy The Valiant said...

You're a rock star to be baking WHILE packing! And that looks delish!

(So I made your beer bread last night and my entire family INHALED it and my husband was super impressed. It was such an easy recipe! Thanks for posting it!)

Megan said...

That looks DELICIOUS!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, that looks SO good. I love blackberries and peaches so I would love this!

I got out of my comfort zone by making a new recipe last Sat when I had family over for lunch. It wasn't hard, but it was something new (it was a green bean salad with white beans in a apple cider viniagrette), but I tend to stick to the recipes I know!

Sarah said...

I love to bake! My stuff either turns out totally fantastic or utterly disappointing. I have been trying and trying to make bread from scratch, with various results. But, since yeast and flour are cheap, I keep trying and just toss it out if I fail ;)

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