Aug 10, 2011

Because letters make everything better

Dear Dog who lives above us,

I'm sure you're adorable. But if you could refrain from running around every single hour I'm home I would appreciate it. It'd be great to not fear you crashing through our ceiling.


Your neighbor who flinches


Dear Knee,

The MRI is happening tonight. Could you maybe not be a jerk until then?


The rest of your body


Dear Summer Traffic,

Remember when you were glorious? Could we re-live that time?

The driver who misses you


Dear Stick Shift Car,

I hate you right now. This doesn't mean you can act up again, but having to push the clutch in and out with my bad knee? Not fun.

Your not-so-adoring owner


Dear Phone/Internet company,

You suck. The fact that we still don't have either in our apartment (that we've lived in for over a week) is unacceptable.

A soon to be ex-customer


Dear Wine,

Could you pour yourself and be waiting for me each night? That would be swell.

Your its-been-too-long-since-we've-bonded friend


What would your letters say today?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Dear Bank Account,

could you magically grow over night like dandelions do? That would be awesome!

The one bleeding money due a move

Dear General Public,

If I want to talk about why I am or am not dating, I will bring it up. if you aren't a best friend, don't bring it up. I don't ask you about your sex life. It's equally personal.

The girl who likes a little privacy

Dear Summer,

I love the weather you are bringing this week. I am sorry for wishing you away. If you keep providing these kinds of temps, you can stick around for at least another month.

Basking in temps in the 70s

amberlee @ Life with a Dream said...

Dear Wallet,

I would love for you to refill yourself, everytime I have to open you. This would be great.


Your broke owner.

Dear Work,

Can we have one day of the week where I get to sleep in just an extra hour of the day?


A super tired employee..

Sarah said...

Dear truck in front of me on 66 that I kept trying to avoid: Thanks for cracking my windshield with that flying rock. It TOTALLY made my day. XO, Sarah

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Dear Hours in the Day,

I need more of you. I am having trouble fitting everything into the amount you are now.

Dear August,

It seems like you have just begun. Why do I feel like you are almost gone?

Dear Running,

You are on your own. I don't feel like meeting you tonight.

Nora said...

Dear Future Monster, I mean, Mother In Law:

Stop complaining about our wedding behind our backs. Did you think people wouldn't tell us?

The girl who is THIS CLOSE to eloping

Dear Body:

I need to start exercising again. How about you not fail me this time with messed up knees or a bad back? Could we agree to that?

Most appreciatively yours,
The girl who wants to feel good about her body again

Dear Becky
Why oh WHY don't we live closer???

Amber said...

Dear Webster - you are my number one son. Please don't let the new puppy put your nose too out of joint. I want you guys to be best buds! Love, your adoring momma!

Dear Chloe (new puppy) - I am equal parts excited and nervous to bring you into our family. I hope you like us and everything goes OK. Please don't pee on our floor too much these next few weeks OK? Love, your new momma!

Mandy said...

Dear Bank Account,

If you cold magically find a few $1000 that would be swell. With an impending move down South, I need money. Lots of it.

The Girl Who's Been on Unemployment and Therefore Poor

Dear Dog,

I am going to miss you lots when I move. Please don't think I abandoned you. I cry just thinking about it.

The Girl Who Is Too Attached to Her Dog

Dear Self,

The next three weeks are going to fly by. Remember to take deep breaths and enjoy all the lasts. Keep in mind that you asked for an adventure.


The One Whose Life is Changing

BFraze said...

Dear Blog Commenters,
You are awesome! AND you crack me up!
Too Tired to Be Creative Tonight

Rebecca said...

LOL, these are adorable!! I just found your blog, and love it :D Sorry I don't have a letter tonight....

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