Aug 2, 2011

A different kind of pie

Each week I'm going to share a recipe I've found, and my experience in making it. Twelve weeks of summer, a dozen recipes to explore. I've tried new recipes before, but I really want to enjoy the time in the kitchen that it takes for me to create these. Whether they turn out well or not, I want to find joy in baking or cooking. 

Easy Shepherd's Pie - I found this website through Lisa, who recommended it to me when she was visiting a few months ago. It's really funny because I think I had shepherd's pie once when I was a kid and loved it, but it wasn't something my mom really made. (I actually think I had it at a friend's house). But ever since then every time someone even mentions the name of the dish my reaction is "Oh, I love shepherd's pie!"

Ben and I made this recipe together because the night I started it I was afraid if I did everything myself it would take too long. Lately we've been working opposite schedules so it was really nice to not only be home at the same time but to be cooking together as well. The first step is to saute the carrots and onions and it smelled so good I told him we should just saute those ingredients together all the time! (He agreed).

The recipe itself was not hard to follow, but it does take a little bit of time to make. However, it was so worth it!

I also realized this was my first time making mashed potatoes from scratch, and I did pretty well if I do say so myself!

It's actually pretty ironic that I love shepherd's pie as much as I do, because I'm not big on mixing things in a dish together, and I don't really like my food to touch when it's on my plate and this is the exact opposite of that!

Final verdict? Delicious! 

Do you like shepherd's pie? Have you made it? Do you have a "childhood food" that you still love?


Lucy The Valiant said...

I JUST discovered shepherd's pie! I love it, it's like comfort food, and everyone in my house likes it. It is VERY hard to find a dinner that everyone likes! But...this is weird...probably a horrible crime against the glory that is shepherd's pie...they all like it better if I use chicken instead of beef. I have a strange, strange family!

Gracie said...

We used to eat this a lot growing up, except we were vegetarians, so it was basically veggies with potatoes on top! Sometimes we'd throw kidney beans in for some protein.

Nora said...

Not a big fan mostly cause of the veggies that I'm both allergic to and do not like. However, I love me some mashed potatoes from scratch! So glad that you and Ben had time to make it together :)

Amber said...

Eric LOVES shepards pie, I will have to use your recipe and make it for him!

Sarah said...

This looks awesome - and something my husband would love! And I think my toddler would eat it, too. Similarly, my family loves lattice chicken pot pie - - which you all might like, too. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum! That looks delicious! I am glad you found a good recipe on that sight. I have had great luck w/ everything i have made.

I heart mashed potatoes so I would totally eat this. Mmmm..

Darcie said...

Great idea! I will have to put this on my food list.

one of my favorite childhood recipes is still my grandpa's mac and cheese from scratch. It takes a while to make that too, but it's soooo good!

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