Aug 26, 2011



*I've been mooning over the flowers some friends of ours brought over the other day. And I'm loving the fact that I've managed to keep them alive, in large part because our new apartment actually gets sunlight. I'll take it.

*I've been excited about the Birchbox giveaway I won through Ashley's blog. My first box will be here just in time for my birthday, and I can't wait!

*I've been giving myself more time to enjoy my coffee. Ever since the earthquake I've been fighting my natural instinct to do, go, be, and letting myself just sit in the morning so I can be alone with my thoughts, even if just for a moment or two.

*I can't stop watching this video. As if I didn't already have a girl crush on Anne Hathaway - but her rapping? Makes me love her even more.

*I've been thinking about the love letters so much it's not even funny. (I think Ben might be getting a little tired of me saying I'm so excited!)

*I've been re-thinking e-readers. My best friend had a few books she thought I'd like but they were only in e-book format, so she let me borrow her kobo, and it's been kind of fun! There are times I miss holding a book in my hands, and I don't think I'm ready for one myself yet (I'm not sure I'd use it enough), but it's a lot less obnoxious than I was expecting it to be. And I think I read a lot faster this way - I started and finished three books this week. (They weren't hard reads, but still!)

*I've been trying to ignore my knee. I can tell it's getting better, I'm just frustrated at the situation in general. The doctor recommended physical therapy two to three times a week for three to four weeks, but my plan is to go once a week to a place that will give me exercises to do at home. I don't care if it takes longer to heal, I'm not shelling out the kind of money it would require that often. (Thank you healthcare).

*I've been preparing for the effects Irene might have when it hopefully passes by us. Candles and flashlight? Check. Getting bottled water and food that doesn't need to be cooked? All over it. Seriously with the natural disasters this week - can we be done please?

*I have not been missing facebook. After my post last week I deactivated my account, to see how I'd do without facebook for thirty days. I'm a week in and it's been pretty awesome.

What have you been up to lately?


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I was totally against e-readers too and then I tried one and fell in love. I still switch between real books and my kindle though :)

Also, I think PT once a week with exercises you can do at home is fine, as long as you do the exercises at home haha- not that I am an expert, but when I did PT I kept thinking, why can't I just do this at home haha

Lucy The Valiant said...

Seriously, earthquakes and hurricanes? Mother Nature needs to CHILL OUT, is what I think!
I am so resistant to e-readers, they just aren't the same.

Sarah said...

I am interested to see how you find the e-reader. I am not really for or against them. I would be more inclined to get one if there was some sort of Netflix for books or a way to rent books. I am so excited for you and your love letters project. I can't wait to hear more!

Mandy said...

Stay safe this weekend miss! Karen and Kevin were going to come in for a quick trip but decided to stay home because they would be driving right back into all the wind and rain. I've been doing a lot of cooking and baking. And starting to go through things for the big move.

ashleyTIA said...

I wasn't really for or against e-readers, either, but I LOVE my kindle now. So convenient!

Stay safe this weekend!

Brittany said...

you won birchbox?! i am so jealous, i just finished telling my husband how i want a membership for my birthday!

PS i need more ideas on food that won't need to be cooked. so far i've got...doritos and pbj. fine for me, not so much for the baby...

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

-I have a Nook and I have read only a few books on it. Guilty! I just love regular books and haven't been able to really get on board with the e-readers. The only place I absolutely love it is at the gym. (which, doesn't happen often. Trust me.)
-Love, love, love that video of Anne Hathaway rapping! She is uninhibited, I love it and wish I could be more like that.

Wish you and Mandy were here! I can't wait to meet you this winter!!!!!!!
-I hope you are both safe this weekend and Irene blows over!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I was anti-e-reader, too... but I fell in love with mine. :) I still buy real books, too, and always will, but my heart belongs to the the e-reader these days... Esp w/ all the traveling I tend to do each year. And will do this fall between fun trips and the work travel that kicks off soon!

Lately I have been wishing I could say I ran with a guy or had a guy help me something without getting the, 'is he single?' question. Can I not just have encounters with the opposite sex w/out getting that question? Le sigh. Times 1,000.

steph anne said...

Was thinking of you this weekend! Hope the hurricane passed you and you have power and everything?

Anonymous said...

Hope you're ok. I'll talk with Nor this a.m. and see if she's heard from you. Geez, first the earthquake and now the hurricane.

As for the e-reader you mention, I have one. It's taking me awhile to adjust. Sometimes I use it, (middle of the night or while traveling) and sometimes I HAVE to hold the book. So let's just say it does NOT replace books by any means. Yet it's "fun" in its way. A whole different sense of where you are in a book, really. Like, you can't hold it up and say "I've another 30 pages to go" like you do with a book. In a way, is it possible? one is more immersed in the story itself when using the e-reader. I dunno. I'll have to think about that more.

Anyway, your wonderful picture of your cup of coffee has me heading to the kitchen.

Again, hope all is well there.

Lauren Drugan said...

That Anne Hathaway rap is incredible. You just made my day!

Amber said...

I really want an e-reader lately. I think I'm going to ask for one for Christmas!

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