Aug 4, 2011

My life in pictures: the moving edition

We're moved! After a day and a morning (looong story) that felt like they would never end, our old apartment is totally an completely done. We are fully in the new place. And I love it. Full story to come, but here are some pictures (albeit crappy cell phone ones) in the meantime.

Half of the living room...

Our fiestaware! You can also spot one of the Bourne movies in the background - I've been watching them constantly while unpacking. (No really, it's a problem).

The first casualty of unpacking. (Almonds on the kitchen floor).

Yes this is a picture of our washing machine. Full-size. I might have squealed at how many clothes I fit in there. (I haven't had a full-size washer/dryer in four years).

I actually like unpacking, because it's fun to figure out where everything goes.

How has your week been? More (and better!) pictures to come once everything's unpacked!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

yea for being moved in! I am sorry that your move was not smooth. I was hoping it would go super smoothly! But like i said after my stressful move, the important part is that you are moved in and you love your new space!

My week has been busy but good!

Lucy The Valiant said...

So happy that you are in your new BIGGER apartment! Yay!

Sarah said...

Hurray! I totally get the washer and dryer thing. In our old place, we had a tiny stackable unit crammed into a closet in our kitchen. If you opened the dishwasher or the "laundry room" doors, you were stuck! I love love love having a separate space for the laundry NOT in the kitchen!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Gosh having a washer at all, and especially a big one, is awesome! Awesome! I feel your pleasure!

Amber said...

I feel like stressful moves are par for the course for bloggers lately! My move in April was SO STRESSFUL and exhausting and so was Lisa's... BUT you're all moved in now and you'll be settled in before you know it! Can't wait to see more pics of the new place!

Alison Kinsey said...

congrats on your new place Becky!!! it looks cute. i know how awesome it must feel to have your own washer/dryer!
i'm moving next month!!

Stephany said...

Yay! You're all moved in. Moving is so stressful but now it's done and you can focus on unpacking and making the space your own.

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