Sep 14, 2011

Fall is for classics

One of the things I associate with fall are beautiful dark shades of nail polish. So this color of the month? My absolute favorite shade ever, OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark.

It almost looks black but it's a really deep shade of purple. I've loved this nail polish for so long I can't even remember when or how I first found it. I will be rocking it on and off through the fall and winter seasons.

My only complaint is I think dark polish tends to chip easier than lighter colors. Have you ever run into that problem?

Do you have a favorite shade of nail polish? What's your current color of the month?

Happy hump day!

(Also, my post from yesterday somehow didn't make it into google reader - or it did but only briefly? Anyway, I'm excited about it so be sure to catch up here!)


Megan said...

I know when you fell in love with it! It was for your wedding! I had it (or some variation)! :) Also, my sketchball manicure you did is still holding up, so for me the dark polish is winning ;)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Well, you know me and my inability to polish my own nails. I think I own 2 bottles of nail polish... Yah, I know. That's pretty bad. But i Just really suck at painting my nails so I go au natural all the time!

When I get a manicure (which is rare), I like light pinks and other nude/neutral colors. I don't feel like I can pull off a bold color on my nails, esp since they are so rarely painted, you know!

Lucy The Valiant said...

Such a pretty color!

I just started painting my nails last week - I've never had the patience before, and I didn't like the way a lot of regular nail polish shades looked on my hands. But I found a shade I LOOOVE recently and I had to do it! And the whole time I was painting my nails, I kept thinking of you and your awesome nail polish posts!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I cannot wear this color! I have tried and I think it just looks funny on me. Right now I am obsessed with burnt orange colors. I need to find a darker one. The one I have on right now is a little too summery for this cooler weather we've got going on!
Yes, dark colors definitely chip faster! Have you tried OPI's RapiDry top coat? It is pretty much amazing. It does a really good job at keeping darker colors from chipping too soon.

Sarah said...

Love it, love it! I wanted OPI but had to settle for Essie. We need to plan a make up/beauty shopping day with Ashley. We would get into tons of trouble :)

Lauren Drugan said...

Love dark nails for fall - I'll be settling in with my favourites: burgundy, bark, and navy <3

Also, your post from yesterday showed up in Reader but it wasn't directing to the right link. It had fixed itself later in the day though :)

Amber said...

I love the idea of polished nails, I really really do, I just so rarely get around to doing it!

Might book myself a manicure and get a nice dark shade for the fall though :)

ashleyTIA said...

GREAT MINDS! I'm loving all the nail polish talk today. This shade is so pretty. Do you have Lincoln Park at Midnight? I also love that one. :)

Mandy said...

I am a huge fan of dark colors. One of my favorites is Give Me Moor. Its a fantastic dark purple color by OPI.

Unknown said...

I love it! I'm only just now starting to get into painting my nails more often so I love any color recommendations. My most recent find was NYC's Prince Street (from Target) and it's a bright purple. It's pretty bold for me, but I'm trying to do things that are outside my comfort zone more.

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