Sep 23, 2011

Fun fact Friday

Happy Friday! I've seen a few new readers popping up here and there (hiiii!) so I thought today would be a good time to share some fun facts about myself you might not know.
*I cuss more in real life than I do on this blog. I have no objection to swearing - it doesn't offend me when I read a "bad" word in a post - but something about writing it kind of takes the passion out of it for me. (Because we all know I really only swear when I'm angry or freaking out).

*My all-time favorite book is The Great Gatsby. I have a slight love affair for F. Scott Fitzgerald, and when they demolished the building that inspired that novel, I might have cried a little.

*There are a few foods I loved so much as a child that I can no longer eat them: String cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese. Just the thought of any of them makes me want to throw up. (And no, I did not eat them all together - that would make anyone want to throw up). For tomatoes it's the opposite - I couldn't stand them when I was little, but now I'll eat them like apples!

*For years, I was obsessed with Patrick Swayze. Obsessed. When I had to make a "flour baby" in high school for my child development class I named him Jonathon Cole Swayze, and at one point in my life I had ten different copies of Dirty Dancing. I got as many texts and phone calls checking to see if I was okay when he died as I did when the mister and I got married.

*I played the tuba from sixth through eleventh grade. When I started I was so short I had to turn it sideways to reach the mouthpiece, I marched with a 75-pound sousaphone for two years, (I even had one pushed over on my foot once), and I loved every minute of it. 

*In our house, if you can't make noise to tell me you're hungry, you're probably going to die. This is why the mister does not buy me flowers very often, and if we ever get a pet, fish are totally ruled out - they'd be screwed from the start! I have the best intentions, but I just...forget about things that can't indicate they need feeding and/or watering. Don't believe me? The before...and the after.

*Lately I have been on a huge hummus kick - I can't get enough! I've been eating so much I might turn into a chickpea.

What's a fun fact about you? Have a great weekend!

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Annie said...

Mmm roasted red pepper hummus with veggie chips (in our health food aisle)- delish! TGIF!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

- I am a really unpleasunt cusser when I am driving. i am actually kind of ashamed of how angry I get when I drive... I just have no patience and I HATE driving so it is just a terrible combination!

- I cheated my way through piano lessons when I switched piano teachers because I wanted to be at the same level as my best friend. Um, yah, I am a little bit competitive. I would star songs and my teacher would say, 'oh did you do that one?' and I'd be all, 'yah, remember? You said I did really well on the dynamics of the song?' years later, I confessed what I had done and my teacher said she TOTALLY knew because it was easy to tell when a 9 year old made a star... But she knew I was ready to be pushed and move onto the next level so she let is slide. Um yah... nothing like cheating through piano! And for the record, I am SO not a cheater, but i had to switch piano teachers and she had me start over because I had a poor first teacher, and I was so pissed to start over and be so behind my best friend.

Sarah said...

Hey friend! I agree with you on the food thing ;) But I am also one of those people who can eat the same thing, day in and day out for months and months before getting tired of it. I think I need to get more adventurous! I cannot wait to catch up with you this weekend :)

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I'm not much of a cusser, but when I'm irritated or frustrated, it tends to come out!!!

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

I have that cussing dilemma, too - I definitely cuss (more than I should) in real life, but it makes me pause when I'm writing. I don't want my blog to become overrun with four letter words, but never using them doesn't feel like me either. So I do it occasionally - because sometimes a four letter word IS the most appropriate word to express something!

Also, I could live on hummus - love it. I've recently started making my own and don't know why I didn't start doing that sooner. So easy (dump ingredients in food processor, whir, eat) and so much cheaper than store-bought (and more delicious, too!).

Lauren Drugan said...

"I might turn into a chickpea." - HAHA! I'm a huge huge hummus fan too.

A fun fact about me is... I have two tattoos!

(PS I might borrow this post idea and do something similar!)

Amber said...

This was such a fun fact Friday!

Fun fact that I don't think I've ever revealed:

Eric and I are HUGE cussers when we're around each other. I think Eric picked it up from working in the oil patch and I picked it up from him! We drop the F bomb A LOT when it's only the two of us at home. And some of our "terms of endearment" for each other are not nice words but we find it funny ;)

Should probably work on this quality before we have kids... :P Haha!

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

Oh, I love The Great Gatsby. Did you hear that they are making a movie? I'm excited about it.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I want to become a person who eats tomatoes like apples.

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