Nov 2, 2011

For the wee ones

Last year I pledged to have a handmade holiday, buying handmade gifts for everyone on our shopping list. With the exception of one or two things I accomplished it. I had so much fun I want to try it again this year...but what's fun handmade shopping without friends? I'll be sharing handmade products twice a month in hopes you find a great gift idea for someone!

There always seems to be a baby on our gift list, which I love because finding handmade items for them are the easiest of everyone. Everything is cute and sweet, and oh so tiny!

For instance, this baby cupcake hat. I actually squealed when I saw it. Babies have to wear hats in the wintertime, so they might as well be cute, right?
(Photo courtesy of Fiddlestyx Studios)

Maybe the only thing cuter than baby hats are baby leg warmers! I have friends who swear by these, because you can keep the baby warm, but not have to worry about pulling pants on and off when it comes time to change a diaper. (Isn't the argyle the cutest?!)
(Photo courtesy of Giggle Rainbow)

If you're looking for toys instead of clothing, how about hand-carved wooden blocks? Great for motor skills, and using their imagination, plus I love that these can be a gift for a baby who's just learning how to grab things, or a toddler who likes to knock things over. (Plus, wouldn't it be cool to do this with them?)
(Photo courtesy of littlealouette)

And let's not forget about the parents of the little ones! I think this sign is sweet and humorous, but also true. When you have little kids running around, the last thing you want to be doing is running around picking up every single thing after them.
(Photo courtesy of As Unique As U)

And last but not least, maybe a little something for a new mom? I think this necklace is sweet and understated, but so meaningful. I've ordered things from the shop CinnamonSticks before, and I will tell you while the end result is beautiful and amazing, I think during her busy times the customer service leaves a little to be desired. I'd recommend this shop if you don't forsee having any questions or needing to contact the shop owner about anything. (She responds, just not in what I'd consider a timely manner).
(Photo courtesy of Cinnamon Sticks)

What do you think? Would you put your baby (or a friend's baby) in that hat? Are you a fan of blocks? Do you like jewelry with initials and names or is that not your cup of tea?

Happy hump day!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I think every child should have blocks to play with! They are really good for their motor skill development! That is what I am planning on getting my friend Brooke's little guy for his first birthday in December - I will have to check out the ones you featured!!

Sarah said...

I really love that necklace! I've always wanted a necklace with either Kate's name or initials. I think that is such a wonderful and sweet gift.

Nora said...

Ah! I love the idea of baby leg warmers. How cute is that? Totally adorable. And blocks are a must, an absolute must.

Amber said...

Love this series! I even clicked over to buy that sign for Eric's sister but they only ship to the States. Boo!

I am trying REALLY hard to follow your lead and start my Christmas shopping early this year!!

Krystal said...

That's the cutest hat I've ever seen, I LOVE cupcakes!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Isla is asking for wooden blocks for christmas.. ;) I think those hats are adorable but would NEVER pay that much for them. We are a fan of leg warmers at this household and that necklace is adorable.

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