Nov 9, 2011

A name that makes me giggle

So last month I used my first Butter London polish and tried a color I would never have chosen myself, but the mister insisted, and I loved it. (Too bad he doesn't have that great of taste in bags, hmm?)

I received a couple more Butter London colors from the fabulous Stevie, and once again, I'm surprised at how much I love the colors. This month's color is extra interesting because in the bottle it looks like a different shade than on my nails. But the name?

The name is the best part.

I give you....Tramp Stamp.

Does it make me immature for giggling? (Because I'm going to do it anyway). It's just such a hilarious phrase and I love that they actually named a nail polish after it.
See how it looks lighter there than in my hand?

I'm loving Butter London for their non-toxic ingredients and colors, but I have found that the nail polish tends to chip easier than other brands - even when I apply a base coat. I have to apply another coat every three or four days and that's gotten old, really fast. But honestly? To be able to tell people I'm wearing Tramp Stamp? I'll put up with it a little while longer.

Have you tried any Butter London polishes? Do you have a problem with chipping? Would a topcoat fix this problem? (I've had not great experiences with top coats so I'm a little hesitant to try them again). What's your color of the month?


Kate Sparkles said...

Haha.. can only assume Tramp Stamp means the same in the US as it does here.. those tattoos girls get on their lower back that sits just above their jeans..
a silly name either way. that colour is really nice though but nail polish that chips drives me crazy!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

What a perfect fall color! I have never heard of Butter London!

I am loving my Essie polish though! I have put power clutch on twice now and need to go buy something new!! ;)

Sarah said...

Ha ha, I love cosmetic names. I think they are super silly and fun. I haven't tried Butter London, but I desperately want to! I just tried the Essie top coat, and so far, so good.

Nora said...

Ha. That is funny.

I think I'm going to go with Emerald City tonight; a lovely fall green color that my brother sent me for my birthday awhile back. I just need to find the time to actually put it on and then let it dry... I seem to have trouble with sitting still for awhile :)

Lauren Drugan said...

I love Butter London, but I too am having the chipping problem. I had thought it was just because I have really awful, weak nails - but I'm glad it's not just me. I mean, not glad that your nails are chipping too, but... you get what I mean? lol :)

I like "Tramp Stamp" better on you than in the bottle; it had looked a little too burnt sienna for my taste at first but it's really beautiful!

I just used Zoya (got it from Karin at the swap) for the first time last night and I really like it!

Amber said...

Hahaha that name is funny!

I painted my toe nails last night for the first time in MONTHS! I keep meaning to go for a manicure to actually get my nails shaped nicely and then maybe I would keep them painted. Maybe?

Stevie said...

One thing I do like about Butter London is that the colors change in every different light. In my bedroom the color looks one way, in the kitchen it looks totally different, and outside it looks completely different, too!

Their colors are so fun that I paint them a new color every few days, so the chipping doesn't bother me as much. Now that I know the colors chip easily, I plan accordingly.

I've tried them with a top coat and it doesn't name much difference :-/

Glad you're having fun with the tramp stamp! ;-)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

My friend had the same complaint about Butter London... That is a funny name for a color!!

Mandy said...

Very fun name and a great color on you. I havent tried butter london yet and likely won't. I dont have time for chipping. With OPI I can put it on and not worry about it for a week or more. I'm an opi loyalist.

Deidre said...

I'm currently wearing "hot and spicy" from OPI (it's ORANGE). I love nail polish names. My friend and I got manicures as prep for my wedding and she got "Melon of Troy" as her colour. AWESOME name. I also liked "Monsooner or later" Hilarious.

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