Dec 6, 2011

For the travelers

Last year I pledged to have a handmade holiday, buying handmade gifts for everyone on our shopping list. With the exception of one or two things I accomplished it. I had so much fun I want to try it again this year...but what's fun handmade shopping without friends? I'll be sharing handmade products twice a month in hopes you find a great gift idea for someone!

I'm sad to say this is the last handmade holiday post. I thought about continuing them through the month of December, but the one thing about handmade gifts is you need to allow enough time for the making and shipping of them, so in order to give you enough time for that today is the last post. I've had so much fun finding these items and categorizing them for you - I hope you've enjoyed this series as well - it will definitely be back in years to come!

Today's post is for the traveler. There are a lot of "travel" type items that you could get - essentially anything in a three ounce size would be perfect - but I tried to find items that someone who travels would really appreciate, and not just use - so there aren't as many in this post, but I think the quality definitely makes up for quantity.

Do you know a traveler that loves a certain state? (Or even a country?) Why not give them the gift of that - in a tangible form? I've talked about how I think pillows can be statement makers - and this one is no exception - look at that detail!
(Photo courtesy of Mybeardedpigeon)

Maybe throw pillows aren't really their style, but jewelry is? They can pick their favorite country or state and wear it when they travel - so they'll always have a little bit of home with them. (I am, of course, partial to the Virginia necklace - home is where the heart is, right?)
(Photo courtesy of Truche)

One of the most important things I think to have while traveling is good lip balm - and what's better while coming home from the holidays than peppermint on your lips? In fact, forget the traveler - this is so cute and affordable, you could put one in every stocking!
(Photo courtesy of Lippincott Soap Company)

Do you travel a lot? Would you like to be on the receiving ends of any of these gifts? I hope you've enjoyed my Handmade Holiday series as much as I have!

(Oh, and be sure to visit Amber and Ashlee to see today's love letter request as part of the 12 days of love letter writing!)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I do travel quite a bit! My friend Kyria featured a couple of things on her Christmas wishlist yesterdya, like this little set of 3 oz containers for things like soap and shampoo and such.

One of my best travel-themed gifts if this pillow that is actually a blanket if you unzip the pillow. I got it a couple of birthdays ago from my friend Brooke and have gotten alot of use out of it!

Mandy said...

I am lusting over the state necklace. I really, really want the Ohio one. You are right, home is where the heart is and mine is definitely in Ohio. I've loved all your handmade holiday posts. Such great ideas.

Gracie said...

That pillow is a great idea - interesting but not overpowering. I feel like it could blend in with many decors.

tessica said...

I love his pillows! They have been in my favorite lists FOREVER!!

Nora said...

So I love and now secretly would like all of the things on this list. You are so great at finding things that I have never seen before. Love it!

Amber said...

Oooh I love that pillow! Very cute! I love love love traveling and would do more of it if it wasn't so $$!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I own a Truche necklace of Ohio that I just LOVE! Highly recommend her shop.

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

That pillow is so cute! I also have been eyeing that necklace (in Iowa) of course. Etsy is so much fun! I really need to shop on it more!

Kate Sparkles said...

Ohh I've spent most of the past four years travelling. I left the biggest part of my heart in the US, specifically PA. I'd love one of those necklaces but nobody here would know what it is anyway!

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