Dec 17, 2011

Last call

We did it. This is officially the last day of the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing, and we made it through!

Thank you to everyone who wrote a letter - over the next week we'll be putting up images and writing posts on the love letter blog, showcasing all your hard work.

Today we're encouraging you to write one more - a last call of sorts. We have all the requests up so you can look through them, and choose one more person to write to.

And if you're a rock star and wrote a letter for each of the 12 days? We'd like you to script a letter to someone in your life who might need one right now.

Head over to the blog to see the requests - and thank you for helping to spread so much love this season.

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Anonymous said...

ah! I am one of those (living under a rock) who missed the 12 DAYS OF LOVE LETTERS thing. Say you'll do it again next year?!
Egads, it's busy but wonderful nonetheless. (coffee keeps me up past my bedtime so I can write cards and "make" Xmas gifts.
Hope all is well there on the East Coast - hugs and Happy Christmas!

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