Dec 7, 2011

Who says you have to choose?

So last month, you officially met Megan, as she (hopefully) inspired you to try out a bolder lip color. This month she's back with another beauty post and I have to say, I barely made any edits to it. That's right people, the hilarity you're about to experience is all her. (Get excited).

The moment that Becky gave me the all clear on this monthly Celebration of All Things Beauty, the tiny hamsters in my mind started running overtime in their wheels! What to discuss next? SO. MANY. OPTIONS. The choices for my follow-up to the Month of Red was almost pathetically easy though. Ladies, (and gentleman? We need to clear up how many smart men read this blog!) may I present to you...$5 moisturizer. I almost don't want to tell you the name of it. What if you all run en masse to Target and buy it up? Yes...I said Target. Cheap AND easy to find!

Alright. You've twisted my arm. It's Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating Moisturiser! (Boots is an English company so they spell moisturizer with an 's'...fancy!) I will now regale you with the scientific, well researched way that I came to buy this Miracle of Skincare.

You see, I only had $12 to my name until payday. I really needed moisturizer. I also really wanted Chipotle. I think you see my dilemma. I knew my delicious chicken burrito bol would cost $6 and change, which left me with the highly possible task of finding a moisturizer that cost less than $6.

At least I THOUGHT it would be highly possible. Can we just talk for a minute about how there are basically NO drugstore brand skin creams that cost less than $10-12? I wasn't really even looking for quality - price was my only factor! I can't tell you the number of Olay and Neutrogena creams I picked up just to see the $12 price tag. That obviously was not acceptable - burrito bol, people! I needed one!

Just was I was despairing of finding anything and was about to decide whether or not having dry, flaky, oily skin was worse than no burrito bol...I saw it. A skin cream that cost...did my eyes deceive me? $5! And wonder of all wonders, it actually fit my skin's needs! Needless to say, I snatched up the nearest tub and headed for the checkout line. (Chipotle, here I come).

There are a few reasons this $5 cream is so amazing.

I have extreme combination skin. It gets oily very easily, is sensitive to the weather, my moods, the air, you name it. For years I would buy moisturizer made for sensitive and/or oily skin and/or combination skin only to have it feel like I was spreading paste on my face. Within five minutes I couldn't tell if I had an oil slick or a forehead. Or I'd have the opposite reaction and end up feeling itchy and dry, in which case I would keep slathering on MORE cream. It would still feel like my face could never get enough.

Over the years I'd managed to find a couple of options that worked, mainly moisturizers that were a gel formation like the Korres pomegranate one. The only problem was the $25+ price tag. (Update: It was $25 when I first started buying it, but now it's $32!) Don't get me wrong...I LOVE that Korres moisturizer and it's a fantastic option for combination skin if you can afford it. When I had the extra spending money, I didn't mind using it on my beauty regime but...ouch. Especially if I had to buy two or three containers a year.

I'm happy to say I've been using the Boots moisturizer for about two months now and I STILL love it. I'm almost down to the bottom of the tub and I actually can't wait to go back to Target and get a new one. As the weather has gotten cooler, the moisturizer has continued to be what I need. I use it morning and night all over my face and also on my decolletage. They have other lines that cater to different skin care needs but from what I can tell, each line has a $5 option!

I realize skincare is a very personal thing. Everybody has different needs, so this moisturizer may not work for you. (And I think it goes without saying, if you have problem skin or are already seeing a dermatologist, then stick with whatever they tell you. I'm not a doctor...I just play one on TV). I hope it does help though - I love the idea of so many women being able to have a decent product for practically no money!

Before this gets too long, I wanted to ask if there was anything you wanted me to talk about or try out? I'm willing to be a guinea long as I can afford it!

What do you think readers? Would you try this moisturizer? (I'd been hearing Megan talk and tweet about it so much when I ran out of my regular moisturizer I picked this up and I have to agree - I love it!) Do you find Meg as hilarious as I do? (I was snorting with laughter while reading this!)

Happy hump day! (And stop by and say hi to Lisa as she talks about her experience with today's love letter request - or head over to the love letter blog!)


Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

It's only five dollars??! I have extremely complicated skin too and am hesitant to try something new, but for that cheap, you can't really lose! I've never tried a Boots product, but I am going to pick some up the next time I'm at Target.

BFraze said...

Megan, Can you find something for sensitive skin that gets rid of wrinkles?

AshleyD said...

I've been using Olay Regenerist for the past few months, but I'm almost out. Since you both gave such a rave review about this, I may have to pick some up next time I'm at Target. Thank you so much for sharing! :) Also, love me some Chipotle!

Sarah said...

Whoa! I am definitely going to check this out! I love Megan's guest posts - I can't wait for the next one! I would love a post on inexpensive foundation. I have oily skin, and I have the worst time finding an acceptable foundation that doesn't break the bank!

Megan said...

@Amber- I had never tried Boots before either, even though I was very familiar with the brand. I was extremely happy it worked out for the best :)

@Barb- I will keep my eyes out! I know there will be a good option!

@Ashley-I really like the Olay Regenerist eye serum! It feels like a really high end product but at a much better price :)

@Sarah- You read my mind! I'm already thinking about a foundation post! Comparing the one I use to drugstore brands!

Amber said...

I would have to see if I could find this anywhere in Canada. I have SUCH dry skin, especially in the winter, and I would definitely try this!

Kathryn said...

boots has some amazing products - i can't say as i'm surprised that their moisturizer is just that awesome! i think i might head over to target in the next day or two to check it out...

@Sarah - i tend to have combination-y skin, and i would honestly recommend the oil control foundation from the body shop. i know, i know - you have to shell out a lot at first, but one tube of that lasted me almost 8 months. no joke. and i use it every day. :)

Suburban Sweetheart said...

My favorite moisturizer is from Olay. I forget what it's called, & it definitely cost for than $5, but it last for ages & makes my skin feel wonderful!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

For $5, heck yes I would try this moisturizer! I don't have anything great that I use. I am paranoid about moisturizing from my years of breakouts, but now that my skin has settled down, I think it's time to find a good moisturizer!

Next up I'd like a great mascara option! :)

Steve D. said...

I don't know if I'd consider myself smart but I do read the blog and I'm a guy. I doubt I'll buy the $5 moisturizer but I'll pass it along to my wife.


Darcie said...

Eyeliner. Definitely cover eyeliner next.

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