Jan 24, 2012

The best for last

The best part of this trip were the women I was with.

You'd think blogging friends are different than "real life" friends. You get to know someone through their words, and you don't get to see facial expressions, or know when they laugh at something. But this also means by the time you meet them you've literally known them for years, and it's not awkward or difficult - it's just like you haven't seen them in awhile. (And as Lisa pointed out, we don't have the luxury of grabbing a cup of coffee. It's either make weekends like this work, or unfortunately we don't get to see each other at all).

So without further ado, some shots of the incredible women I spent the weekend with!
(Amber is nothing if not helpful).

I'm not so good at the mirror shots...

Chicago was a fabulous weekend trip - I find myself daydreaming about being back there all the time. Thanks for putting up with all my excessive picture-taking!

Have you had online or blogging friends become simply friends?


Annie said...

We should go to Chicago together! That's our favorite city!!

Nora said...

Yes, I have blogging friends that have simply become friends. You're one of 'em! <3

AshleyD said...

Blog friends are my favorite! They are some of the people I feel most comfortable and most like myself around. I think people I've met through my blog are some of the kindest, most sincere, and hilarious people ever. :)

Stephany said...

Seriously. I need to plan a blogger weekend because they all seem like so much fun!!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

THIS LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN. I need to meet more bloggers. Say... you! Ha.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, these pictures make me miss you all even more! I have made so many friends through blogging! Some of my bestest, closest friends are ladies I met online (you included). I am so thankful for all the friendships I've made and that I've had the opportunity to meet up with so many, both near and far!

Amber said...

Great pictures! Blogger weekends are my favourite. I was lucky enough to have three of them in 2011!!! I never would have imagined the amazing people I would meet through my blog :) Can't wait to meet YOU! Maybe this fall!

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