Jan 13, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday! I hope today finds you rested, and eager for the weekend! I'd planned a whole post in my head for today, but I thought blurbs and maybe a few fun facts would be  a more fun way to end the week.

*I mentioned this yesterday, but I'm a little obsessed with my kindle. I read so fast on it, and it's light and easy to use. Plus one-handed reading? Please and thank you. I don't want it to ever replace real books for me, so for every few books I read on my kindle, I read that many actual books as well. (This is not a hard thing to do - I have a lot of books I own that I haven't read).

*I'm also a little obsessed with the site Revolutionize Her. It's a group of self-employed women blogging about each of their respective journeys and the writing that's coming out of there is nothing short of incredible. This week alone I was blown away by two posts: Don't Be a Female Lobster and The Fair Price of Handmade. Don't Be Rude. It's okay. I'll wait while you go read them.

Back? Okay.

*Have I mentioned on here how much I hate sand? (Sometimes I forget that I haven't known all of you my whole life so there are things you may not know about me). If I could have the beach without the sand, I'd be fine. The ocean and I are cool. Waves, seagulls, salty water, the boardwalk - all of it good. But sand? Ugh. It's the devil.

*Amy wrote a brilliant post about being kind online, and encouraged her readers to not be so negative on twitter - and maybe to peruse their tweets to see if they could change any negative thinking they might be having, before tweeting in the future. I took Amy's suggestion yesterday and looked back over my tweets for the past week. I was pretty proud to see that I only had one in the last seven days I could really see as negative, and even then it was more sad, not angry. I'm actually pretty hilarious. (And humble, of course). It was cool to see what I'd written - so often a tweet is a quick, fleeting thought, that I didn't even remember half of what I'd said! (Which obviously speaks to the caliber of my thinking, hmm?)

*I'm going to Chicago! I have been obnoxiously tweeting about it, (what's that - this isn't making you want to follow me?) but I can't help it - I'm so excited! I think I associate independence with travel.

My freshman year of college I bought a plane ticket to surprise the guy I was dating at the time for Valentine's Day. He was in Texas and I made the plans, bought the ticket, managed to keep it a surprise from him, and then told my parents - not exactly as an after thought, but definitely an "oh I did this, FYI," instead of an asking permission kind of thing. I was 18. I remember feeling grown up and responsible, and slightly terrified. (It was my first time flying alone and it was the February after 9/11. I got through security and the first thing I saw was a soldier with an M-16. I almost peed my pants).

Now I'm 28 and am still as giddy and excited as I was ten years ago. Ben and I love to take trips, but this one is for me, and we're established and comfortable enough in our relationship where that's more than okay. We normally wouldn't spend money like this, but things just kind of fell into place financially (hello discount airline code), and it worked out perfectly. I'm flying to a different city, where I'll meet up with friends, have a great time, and then come home and go back to work, no big deal. I can't help but feel fancy! (If I drink tea while I'm there I might not know what to do with myself!)

How are you this Friday? What are your weekend plans? Do you associate something tangible with independence? And seriously - go read those posts I mentioned!

P.S. I've been seeing a few new readers pop up - so hiii! Welcome! I'd love to hear from you!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I definitely associate traveling alone with independence. I actually really enjoy traveling alone - especially on a flight - because I am NOT a chatter on airplanes. That said, I am sure I will enjoy traveling with a husband some day, but right now, I really enjoy solo travel.

I'm really glad we were able to make this trip work. I appreciate the fact that you use money to go on a girls trip, as I am sure it's sometimes hard to do that when you are married as your vacation $ tend to be spent on things that are done together. But girls weekends are so important and fabulous!! :) This is my first out-of-state one in quite a while! Can't wait!~


AshleyD said...

I love flying by myself and actually prefer it to traveling with others. It's so relaxing to read a book, nap, journal, or watch a movie for few hours without any distractions.

So, I checked out the RevolutionizeHer site. Wow. I'm in love. I read through it for about 10 minutes and then subscribed and I can't wait until I have more time to dig through the rest of the posts. Thanks for sharing@

Amber said...

I hope you have a fabulous weekend, I know you will! That story about you flying alone for the first time is hilarious! Despite being in a long term relationship I've traveled by myself quite a bit in the last 7 years. I think a lot of it has to do with us being long distance and etc. I agree that girls weekends are SO important so I hope to still travel by myself a lot even after we're married. It works out well for me because Eric is more of a homebody anyways so he kind of loves it when I go away and he can hole up in the house by himself ;)

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

i use twitter as my negative outlet. have fun in chicago!

Lauren Drugan said...

I really like the bit about being positive on Twitter. I had a moment yesterday where I felt awful and the day was dragging and I wanted to be miserable. I actually drafted a Tweet a few times about it... but then I looked outside and it was sunny, warm, beautiful, and that altered my thinking a bit. Positive thinking is way underrated.

I looooooooove traveling by myself! Whether I'm flying, taking the train, or driving, I love love love it. It feels independent and free and it almost always involves seeing people I love (except when it involves work travel) and it's awesome. I get bundled up in my favorite scarf and buy some peppermint tea and soak up every minute of it.

Have a GREAT trip!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Hope you have a great time in Chicago! :)

My husband totally totally agrees with you about sand. He mentions how much he hates it often!

HC said...

OMG....I am totally with you on the sand. Adam was so surprised the first time we to the beach because I talked about how much I liked it, and then I walked on the beach with my sneakers on! Haha! One day, I will make a beach just for us sand-haters :)

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