Jan 2, 2012

A Magical 2012

I've seen a lot of 2011 recap posts floating around, and normally I would be all about that. I was sitting on my couch the other day, wondering why I didn't really want to do a post about last year - and I realized it's because I've already moved on.

At the end of November, I signed up for the Joy Council - Creating Your Magical Year through Stratejoy, not really knowing what it was about. It was 21 days of emails, challenges, phone calls, letting go of 2011 and planning for 2012. Or, as Molly (founder of Stratejoy) puts it, "dreaming and scheming, and plotting and planning, for a magical 2012." (Her words are way catchier!)

I didn't know what to expect going in, and I had never worked with Molly or Stratejoy in any sense and I was afraid it was going to be a little too "kumbayah-ish" for me - I wasn't sure I was ready for 21 days of repeated "you can do it" cheers.

There are times when I love being wrong. This is one of them. The course was amazing.

There were emails with questions to get you thinking about how you viewed things, or why you wanted to push yourself, I got to listen to interviews with "gutsy girls" - women who forged out on their own to create a business and a lifestyle they love, and I even got to pair up with a couple other girls in the Joy Council to talk about how we were processing everything. Yes, Molly told me I could do it, but she also showed me how.

It's interesting, because normally I would put things like this off. I would start off strong, and then slowly fizzle out. But I want big changes in 2012, and the only person who can get that process started, is me. I was tired of waiting for things to change on their own. I was tired of always putting others' needs before mine. This course was for me, a time where I could think, and process, and grow.

I am done with running scared.

I'll be sharing bits and pieces of what I discovered (about myself, what I want to be doing, etc) throughout the year itself, but I wanted to let you know a little bit now.

My theme for 2012 is Advocate Passion.

I have three goals for the year - two project (with an end result), and one maintenance (something that will require continual work). My maintenance goal is my health.

Health is probably a pretty common goal - I mean, who doesn't want to be healthier and lose weight, right? But the key to this, is I've already started. I didn't wait for the new year to start exercising, in fact, there were times during the course where I was jumping in my seat, wanting to get to how to map out a goal so I could start already!

Exercise is a priority again, and while I'm starting off slowly, it feels really good to accomplish something, knowing I'm working towards a bigger picture. This not only helps my knee, but will help with symptoms of PCOS, so it's a kill-two-birds-with-one-stone mentality...and so far, it's working. I've set a time line for myself with check-ins to re-assess and make sure I'm not only meeting my expectations, but that I'm continuing to set attainable goals.

I feel like my old self has emerged - the enthusiastic, energetic Becky who laughs easily, and for a long time. I have a plan, and wonderful support, and I'm ready to make 2012 the year where things happen, not just where I talk about dreams.

Molly has packaged up the Joy Council course into a big downloadable file called Create Your Magical Year, available for purchase. I would encourage ALL of you to think about it. It's affordable, it's eye-opening, but most of all it's an investment in yourself. That's worth it! You can find details of it here - there's even a little testimonial from me in there!

How was your New Year's readers? Did any of you participate in the (live) Joy Council course? What did you think? Do you set goals or resolutions for yourself? How do you keep your motivation for them alive?
Wishing you a magical new year!


Stef said...

That sounds like a wonderful course! And I definitely agree that health should always be a priority for everyone. I set monthly goals rather than resolutions because I think they are easier to manage and I can check in at the end of each month to see how I did.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am wishing you a magical year as well! This Joy Council series sounds really cool! I, too, would have thought it was too kumbaya for me, so it's good to know how beneficial it was for you!

See you soon! :)

Amber said...

What a great post! I love that you are reclaiming 2012 as YOUR magical year and I love the idea of having three goals, some that end with a project and some that are more maintenance. I can't wait to see what these projects you have in mind are!

Molly Mahar said...

You don't know how happy this makes me!! It was a treat getting to know you Becky and I love seeing this recap of what the course meant to you. I can't wait to see who you're going to Advocate Passion in 2012. I have a feeling it's going to be remarkable.

Thanks for the sweet and honest shout out. Don't be a stranger, okay? I promise to keep the kumbaya-ing and cheerleading to a minimum... ;)


BFraze said...

Someone's singing, Lord, ... HAHAHA, could not resist! :-) Love, You Know Who

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Glad you are ready for 2012, can't wait to hear what your goals are :) Personally I find it a lot easier to exercise when I'm doing it for my health, rather than for specific weight goals, since I often don't see much change in the scale whether I am or am not working out consistently.

Stephany said...

I absolutely adores Joy Council and it really makes me want to order The Joy Equation. I still haven't finished my worksheets, I'll be completely honest. But somehow Molly seemed to know I needed that nudging that this was MY Council and I wasn't on any sort of timeline for it. Rushing through it wasn't the point, the point is to sit down and let your mind focus and relax and discover what you want out of the coming year. I plan on taking a complete media break for a weekend where I'm going to dive back into the worksheets and finish them.

Anyway, my word for 2012 is health as well! I want to make it the top priority because it's fallen to the wayside for a few years now.

Unknown said...

I haven't heard of the Joy Counsel, but I'm very intrigued! I'm so happy that you are so excited for the new year. I love your theme and I can't wait to read about your growth throughout the 2012. You've definitely inspired me thus far and I'm sure you will continue to do so in 2012. :) Happy New Year!

Sarah said...

I am so excited for you, Becky! I think this will be the best year yet :) I am so excited to learn more about your involvement in Joy Counsel and your progress towards your goals. I'm here to be a support to you!

AshleyD said...

I loved The Council! It was so helpful to look back over the past year and begin brainstorming for 2012. Toward the end of The Council, I moved over to Nicole's goal setting plan more and created 9 categories of goals for the new year. I can't wait to share them on my blog.

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