Jan 10, 2012

Setting the stage

Another month, another fabulous guest beauty post by Megan! Once again she makes me laugh while also helping me realize how much I love certain products. (And she may or may not use the word ninja).

Foundation. When building a house, the foundation is the first and most important part of the process. It literally sets the stage for the success or failure of the entire structure. The theory applies with your make-up as well. Yes it does! Putting on make-up is just as epic and important as building as home! Right? Right.

In all seriousness though, there are a few products that can be considered the foundation of your beauty and make-up routine; falling under the skincare umbrella we have primer and moisturizer. Today though I'll be touching on make-up and both a product I've used for years, and a new one that I'm enjoying.

Foundation can be a tricky item to get right. Depending on your skin tone and type, not all foundations will work for you. As I mentioned in my previous post, my skin can become extremely oily but also has dry patches. I've tried so many types and brands of foundation over the years and have discovered a few things: cream and liquid formulations literally wipe right off my face, and so does tinted moisturizer.

That didn't leave me with many options.
Luckily, when I was 14, my lovely Mama bought me Bare Minerals powder foundation. I've literally used it ever since. My eyes would be tugged in the direction of New! Shiny! Matte! Fancy! Ooh la la!, but I would always go back to my stand-by. It never fails me! It's easy to apply, EXTREMELY forgiving, and best of all is the only thing I've ever found that keeps my face from being a complete oil slick by noon. I'm not even kidding you about how forgiving this product is.

For years I could never remember which shade I was and would alternate between Fair and Medium, but no one ever noticed, because both shades looked natural. They've since made things easy for me by creating a shade called Fairly Medium which is literally my face shade in powder form.

You can easily layer coverage. I probably use too much on a daily basis but my skin tends to get those red, splotchy bits on my cheeks. The best part is that it's SO HARD to put on too much. Don't get me wrong...I'm sure it's possible but you'd really, really, really have to try. It's made of natural ingredients, so my face doesn't feel like it's got a layer of gunk on it, and the times I've fallen asleep in it, I think it's actually made my face look BETTER. The best compliment I can give the Bare Minerals foundation is that I've been told innumerable times how fantastic my skin looks. My skin is not that good. It has its moments of clarity but they are just that...moments. Unless I'm constantly vigilant about exfoliating/cleansing/moisturizing/drinking water my skin is splotchy, has uneven tone, dryness and occasional spots. This make-up FOOLS PEOPLE. It is like a make-up ninja.

One downside, as with many beauty products, is price. The current selling price is $26. Eek! If you can keep yourself from layering it on like I do, the pot will easily last you up to a year. The way I use it, I'd say I can get close to 6 months out of one pot. All in all that's not too bad, but sometimes there just isn't $26 to blow on make-up. Much like when I was on the hunt for a cheap, quality moisturizer, I figured there just HAD to be a drugstore option out there that would work!

Well my lovely people (since I know now that at least ONE dude reads this blog!), I found one! L'oreal True Match Naturale mineral powder foundation in Natural Ivory. I picked it up at Ulta so I was able to carry around a pot of the Fairly Medium Bare Minerals to compare. It appears to be literally the same shade! AND it's half the price! (I think I spent $12.50 on it). It comes with a built in brush which I find to be neither a plus or a minus. It's not the highest quality brush but it does fit in the pot and make it easy to travel with. I find that the brush can become a little harsh and seems to create dry patches on my face. Overall though, the coverage is great, it appears to last throughout a work day, and it still feels a lot more natural on my face then any cream or liquid formula I've ever tried.

The Bare Minerals will always be my go-to foundation but I've happily found in the L'Oreal True Match Naturale a cheaper option that gets pretty much the same results. Definitely recommend giving either one a try!

What do you think? Do you use Bare Minerals or do you prefer a cream? How much use can you get out of your foundation before you have to replace it? (For more of Megan's beauty advice, or just her hilarious-ness in general be sure to follow her on twitter!)


Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Oooh, I'm going to try the L'Oreal kind! I'm just like you, I used Bare Minerals for years and spent $25 a month on it and had it sent to me. It was actually quite a good deal because each month we got a free gift, and literally all of my makeup brushes were free. (although, I think their brushes kind of suck).

Now, to cut down on expenses I use the Neutrogena mineral makeup but lately I have been so shiny! I'm going to try the Loreal kind, thank you!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am a Bare Minerals user! I love it. I can usually make the foundation last like 6-9 months for the $25 isn't too steep for me. And I like that it's all natural and doesn't get greasy as I have break-out prone skin. I've been using BM for 3 years now and will never go back. I also use their blush, bronzer, and eye shadow.

Sarah said...

I used to love Bare Minerals. But then I found that my skin looked flakey. I think the issue is I need to exfoliate more, not that there's an issue with Bare Minerals. When I was using it, I found it gave me a nice, natural look, which I love. Right now, I am using Neutrogena's healthy skin liquid foundation, which I am liking...at least for now!

Megan said...

I also use the Bisque concealer powder and I think I almost love that MORE then the foundation! When I run out of it I start to get panicky ha :)

Amber said...

I haven't used foundation in YEARS. I used to mix it with lotion in my hand and rub it all over my face because I was too lazy to blend it in properly but I actually haven't used any at all in a long time so this post was really interesting! I am a bronzer, eye shadow, mascara only girl. Some days JUST mascara :)

Lucy The Valiant said...

Oh, I love me some Bare Minerals! I really, really suck at applying foundation evenly, and when I finally broke down and decided to spend all my money on Bare Minerals, I was HOOKED. It blends so easily!

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