Jan 12, 2012

Wine and Love: 2012 Style

My first wine and love of 2012! Let's make it a good one, shall we? (If you don't know the deal, you share what's making you want to drink a glass of wine, and what you're loving this week. Nora hosts it and it's awesome. The end).

Things this week that make me want to drink a glass (or bottle!) of wine:

*My still not totally functioning laptop. Remember how I spilled wine on the keyboard? Thankfully everything inside of it is functioning, but some of the keys are just done. So I'm still plugging in an extra keyboard and typing on that. It...kind of defeats the purpose of a laptop.

 (Nice, right?)

*I'm that person who still hasn't put their Christmas decorations away. In my defense, they're taken down, just not packed away. Details, details.

*Co-pays to see specialists. I'm grateful we have good insurance, but to see a specialist (pretty much anyone other than a regular doctor) it's $35 a visit. That adds up, real fast.

Things I love this week:

*Oh, you know, just the fact that tomorrow I'm going to Chicago! I'll be there for a long girls weekend, where I'll get to see Lisa, Nora, and meet Amber! Pumped does not even begin to describe it. I'm not taking my laptop (see above reason!) but rest assured I will be taking tons of photos and videos and I'll report back next week!

*I also get to hang out with Hannah for an evening next week. You know, just this amazing person I work with on all those love letters. We've texted, called, and video chatted, but we've never actually met in person. I can't wait.

*How fast I read on my kindle. I've always thought I was a pretty quick reader, but I read crazy fast on this thing! (More on this tomorrow).

*Speaking of reading, I'd say my January intention is going well so far, considering I read FOUR books just last week. Two on my kindle, two regular. I'm loving it!

*That I have more loves than wine.

What are your wine and loves today? Be sure to head over to Nora's and see who else is linking up!


AshleyD said...

I have such a fear of spilling something on my laptop. I'm glad you have an extra keyboard, but that still must be kind of annoying.

I hope you have so much fun this weekend. I imagine you'll have a wonderful time. Take lots of pictures for us!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I'm so excited to meet you and Nora! You have no idea!!! :)

I'll be bringing my laptop, so we will have a computer if anyone needs it. Hopefully there's free wifi!

I do not read faster on my Nook! I must be some weird anomaly because everybody else does read faster! I am finishing my 4th book of 2012 today and I'm pumped about that!

See you SOON!

Stephany said...

Ahhh...all you bloggers blogging about your fun weekend ahead of you!! So jeal but have the BEST time! I can't wait to read all about it!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Chicago! I'm so jealous that you're all meeting up and hanging out together :)

That really sucks about your keyboard though. I'd be so lost without my laptop so I can totally understand you. Plus I CANNOT afford a new one. I should probably be more careful around it?! (My cup of coffee is sitting very close to it right now!)

Amber said...

I can't believe your laptop still isn't working!!

You're going to have the BEST time in Chicago. Blogger girls weekends are my favourite thing ever. I so wish I could be there. Will be thinking about you girls!

Unknown said...

I hope you have a great time in Chicago! And I read a lot faster on my Kindle, too. And it's so much more comfortable to hold. I can't imagine my life with it. :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love that I get to see you tomorrow!

I am wining about the horrible night of sleep that I got last night... I got maybe 4 hours I think? I better sleep twice as much tonight!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Wow, you really are speeding through books right now. I have been going fast lately too but not nearly that fast!

Have fun this weekend!

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