Feb 13, 2012

Craft stores give me panic attacks

Remember how I decided to be crafty and make a couple of things for Ben's 30th birthday party? In the future, please talk me out of these kinds of ideas.

If you follow me on twitter, you know that yesterday I realized something about trying to be creative and crafty. I would actually have to go into a "craft" type store. (Please excuse my tweet typos - I was in an agitated state people!)

Here's something you should know about me. I am not a crafting person. Like Carrie Bradshaw missing the "bride" gene, I am missing the "I want to use my hands and create things " gene. In fact, craft stores make me uncomfortable. I'm just...very out of my element.

But yesterday I sucked it up. I had a specific list and I was hoping to get in and out pretty quickly.

Holy mother of choices.

All I could think as I walked through that store was, this is why I'm a minimalist. There were so many choices for every tiny thing. I'm not exaggerating - I was looking for a type of straight pin, and there were 22 different options.

Twenty-two different kind of straight pins. Who needs that many options? And how do I know which will do the job better because aren't they essentially all the same?

 I don't handle that kind of pressure well, people. Some people say Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and Joann Fabric stores are their mecca, but here and now I am telling you is my personal form of torture.

I've realized I will never be a mom who crafts with her kids and I'm totally okay with that. I will also rid myself of this experience in the future by continuing to support the people who have these kinds of talent. 

Dramatic? Yes. But also completely accurate. Silver lining? I totally got in a cardio workout speed walking back and forth across the store for thirty minutes.

Oh. And I have the supplies for the item, yet I still have to make it. Hold me.

Are you a creative, crafty, type person or do you curl up in a ball and chew your hair when someone makes you go in a craft store? Hope your Sunday was less eventful than mine!


Kate Sparkles said...

Recently, I sent my other half into my local craft store to pick up some googly eyes.. He rang me in a state of panic and shock. Without me there to guide him he was lost and overwhelmed. There was a whole stand of googly eyes and they all looked the same to him.
I suppose it's how I feel in those camping outdoors stores.. who needs that stuff anyway and why is there so much of it?

Lucy The Valiant said...

Awww, it IS hard to find stuff in those stores! I hope your project goes well!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh you are my "I don't craft" twin. I do not like craft stores. At all. I feel the same way. And I will never be crafty! Which is ok because there are tons of talented people out there who love to be crafty and I can buy their wares on etsy. :) The only somewhat 'crafty' thing I do is knit. But I follow a pattern, so I really don't consider it 'crafty'. :)

Can't wait to see what you made!

Unknown said...

As a crafty-type, I'd love to stand up for craft stores here... but I just can't. They're terrifying places, unless you find a really helpful shop assistant. And the bigger the place, the more terrifying! This doesn't mean you can't craft though - it's what you do with it that counts, not whether you know the different names for those 22 different straight pins!

AshleyD said...

I always want to be a crafty person, but when I go to buy my supplies, I get so overwhelmed (like you said!) because of all the choices. Which type of paint? Which fabric? Which pair of scissors?! It's frustrating, so I usually stay away from those stores unless I know exactly what I need.

Sarah said...

I like some sorts of crafting, but yes, I agree, the craft stores can be overwhelming. That's why I do most of my shopping online and only hit the store when I know exactly what I want (and I can combine a sale + a coupon!).

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Ok, so I am a crafty/creative person, and I DESPISE craft stores. I love art stores, though. The difference is this: craft stores are full of scary cutesy old lady crafts. Seeing projects that involve flower pots adorned with stickers and pompoms and filled with fake glittered flowers make me want to break out in hives. (Hopefully this isn't what you're making for Ben. HA!) I try to buy any craft supplies that I need online to avoid the scary craft stores, but unfortunately somehow can't avoid going into them at least once a week.

This post is especially funny since my post yesterday was just photos of some crafty projects I'm currently working on. Good luck with your project!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

i am not crafty but every now and then try to be. it usually ends badly or in a half finished project.

Nora said...

I can be crafty, but it depends on the craft, if that makes sense. Like, creating something totally from scratch with just a vision in my head? Doesn't work out so well. Good luck with the actual crafting of the project; hope it goes well!

Anonymous said...

lol! I can totally relate to this feeling- I try not to go into big craft stores unless I kno exactly what I want, otherwise it's so overwhelming! I'm glad you escaped in one piece :)

Amber said...

"I am missing the "I want to use my hands and create things " gene." --> THIS is me to a tee. I am not crafty AT ALL nor do I have any desire to be. That is why I'm having a decidedly UN-DIY wedding (it's the new trend, haven't you heard ;) ;))

Just another reason we're brain twins, clearly!

Laura said...

I am the person that wants to be crafty so badly, but my perfectionist personality gets in the way!

Craft stores are very overwhelming, especially if you don't know exactly what you are looking for.

Holly said...

I always have what I think are the best crafty ideas for gifts for my husband - but I have absolutely no follow-through. My crafting sessions usually end in tears, I get so frustrated. Nathan actually told me not to make him gifts anymore because I get way too emotional :D

Darcie said...

You could have called, I would have gone with you, since I like crafty stuff and sew and would have known what the right pins would have been. Oh goodness, I can only imagine the trouble caused when you will try and make this thing.

Stephany said...

Oh, my gosh, Becky. I am so glad you wrote this post! Usually, I'm just fine with not having the crafty gene but then I read about all these crafty people making these awesome little projects and I just applaud them. I do not have the gene, nor the WANT, to craft. It just stresses me out so much! I'm glad you're still persevering through it. I might have just given up by now. ;)

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