Feb 15, 2012

Hoarders: Beauty Edition

You know the month is not in full swing until there is a guest blog from Megan, right? She's told you about red lipstick, $5 moisturizer, and really great foundation. But today's guest post doesn't really need an introduction!

Confession: I'm a hoarder.

Tucked away in boxes  and drawers all over my bathroom and bedroom are samples. More specifically beauty product samples. Shampoos, scrubs, lotions, and perfume. Lip gloss, bronzer, shimmery creams, and eyeliner! Sometimes I'll even buy a full size product just because Sephora is offering some goody bag FILLED with new samples. I'll search the site trying to find a $25 product I might need some day JUST for the goody bag. It's bad guys. Bad.
Exhibit A

Imagine my complete joy and amazement when I first heard about Birchbox. "Hold on!" I hear you exclaiming, "didn't Becky already blog about that with only so-so results" YES! She did! Ever since I've been mulling over the idea of giving MY spin on it. You see, by the time Becky won her mini-subscription, I'd been receiving boxes for almost a year. Wonderful, little boxes of excitement!

I was skeptical at first. The site made big claims and I was hesitant to believe I'd get my $10 worth. Would they send me brands I was familiar with? Would the samples be big enough to actually use or barely enough for one time? There was no contract though and I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a spin.

The Birchbox team must've known they needed to impress me because within the first three months of boxes I'd gotten a Nars Orgasm Illuminator, Bare Minerals mascara, glorious Ahava hand cream, and fun extras like a little tin of five chai tea bags, and dark chocolate covered cacao nibs! Months 4-6 brought me a mini Zoya nail polish and full size Laura Geller Blush-n-Bighten! FULL SIZE people! That thing normally costs $30 on it's own!

These were all in addition to 3-4 other samples as well - and not little baby one-time uses either! Each sample has enough in it to last for at least a month if not more. I still have that Ahava hand cream and Nars illuminator because I only use them every so often. Each month you get an extra like the tea, chocolate, and nail polish. I've also received a Twistband hair tie (which I LOVE), and stationery!
Exhibit B

Every month on the site you can do a little review of each item in your box - for every feedback done, you get 10 points. Once you get to 100 points, they give you $10 to use toward anything on the site! Free money! I used mine to buy some of the Twistband hair ties and they ended up being free because of my points! Not every item in every box is a gasp-worthy but I've been introduced to a lot I might've never been willing to try. (The rest get added to my hoarder stash for future experimentation).

I'm going to force myself to wrap this up because I could literally write 12 more paragraphs about how much I love Birchbox. But these pictures? They don't even show all of "the stash." Yeah.

Also, I'm not in anyway compensated by Birchbox. I just love getting it every month! But if you think you might sign up, I'd love if you put me (Megan Buckley) down as your reference - I get points and then if YOU refer a friend, you'll get points too! Everybody wins!

Happy sampling!

Are you a fan of Birchbox? Do you hoard beauty samples like Megan? And trust me, she wasn't kidding when she said these pictures didn't include everything! Happy hump day! 


Little Blue Feathers said...

I have heard a lot about birch box lately! I am a product junkie myself and love trying new beauty and skin products. I'm not sure why I haven't signed up for birch box yet?! Maybe I'm scared it will take my obsession to a whole new level!

Found you through Chandelier Jenny!

Amber @ A little pink in the cornfields said...

Oh geez. I had *just* decided I didn't need Birchbox and now I think I do again.... Thanks Megan and Becky... ;) (I tease).

I love these makeup posts - I am a total makeup fiend. I'm trying to wear less, but sometimes I think why?? I like it!

Nora said...

I do tend to hold onto product that I don't use all the time or need all the time, that's for sure! And if I get the hotel soaps from L'Occitane while traveling I totally hoard those, I mean, it's too good NOT too. Loved this post. Perfect dose of adorableness I needed today.

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Oh my - I have a very similar post in the works right now - I have lots of little samples, but despite hoarding them I tend to never use them. I recently set up a drawer that I'm calling "The Drug Store" full of all my samples. Now, whenever I run out of a product, I get something out of the drawer instead of spending money on something new!

Jane said...

I worry that I am too much of a hoarder for Birchbox. But maybe I could try it...

^Famous last words?

Amber said...

My mom always gives me beauty samples and I used to be bad for hoarding them but I've gotten better about either using them or throwing them out!

I don't think we have birchbox in Canada. Sadly!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I do not do birch box. I am not really a products person so I don't think it's a good fit for me! I am just sort of low maintenance in the beauty department I guess you could say! I love travel sized items, like face washes and lotions and such since i travel alot for work, but besides that, I don't really hold onto samples because I can't handle the clutter of them!!!

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