Feb 2, 2012

I need you to meet these people

When I was working on cleaning out the clutter, one of the things I did was purge through my bookshelves. I packed up bags and bags of books - some I took in to trade at used bookstore, but most I donated to the library. I was very realistic about what I would and wouldn't read, and if I kept a book I'd already read, it was because I knew I would continue to re-read it.

However, I paused when I came to my Chesapeake Bay Saga books by Nora Roberts. I mentioned yesterday how much I love these novels. They are not just books to me - these characters are people, and their stories live in me.

They're based on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and they're centered around the Quinn family. Three boys - Cameron, Ethan, and Phillip - are all teenagers who have gone through hard lives. They are each taken in by Ray and Stella Quinn, and are given a home. Ray and Stella take three boys who would fight anyone coming into their house and managed to create a family. Each book is about a different brother and they are ordered the way they were brought into the family - Cameron, Ethan, then Phillip. They are men now, and their lives are changed by a boy named Seth, another "lost" boy their father took in. The brothers find themselves making a promise to their father to take care of Seth, which is the start of their lives being turned upside down in both good and bad ways. There are so many things I love about these stories - Cam's quick grin, Ethan's unflappable patience, Phil's sharp mind, and Seth...the boy you watch grow up...his story is the last, the fourth book.

I need you to meet them. 

So...I'm giving away my copy of these books. They are the ones pictures above - a little worn, but completely loved. I don't need the hard copies anymore - I'll keep these stories with me forever.

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a comment on this blog post. It's open to everyone, and it'll close this Saturday (February 4th), at 10 PM EST. I'd love it if you tweeted about it as well, but to make it easier, there's only one entry per person - again, just by leaving a comment.

I hope you'll find as much joy in these stories as I have.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw! That is so generous of you to give away books that you love! I don't know if I could do that!

They sound great, though!! I hope I win!!

AshleyD said...

Now I'm all interested to know all the details of this story! I've never read a Nora Roberts book, but I think these would be a great start!

amberlee @ Life with a Dream said...

These sound like a great book (and a great giveaway!!) I too have never read Nora Roberts, but I have heard she has some great reads <3

Brooke said...

This post made me want to read these books. If I don't win them in the giveaway I'm going to look for them in the library. Maybe these would make good book club picks... :)

Lauren Drugan said...

This is a great idea Becky :) I have been dying to read them since you've been talking about them!

HC said...

I already have my own copies, so you dont need to count me in the giveaway...but I LOVE these books!!! Such a great series!! Very sweet of you to give away books that mean so much to you :)

Amber said...

Oooh whether I win or not I'll have to pick these books up by the way you talk about them!!!

Brittany Klein said...

What a sweet idea! I love used books so much more than new ones, especially when they're passed along by a friend.

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