Feb 9, 2012

Living life on my own terms

I entered the First Annual Stratejoy Essay Contest at the end of January. The prompt was "how do you live life on your own terms?"

You submit your essay, 20 finalists are chosen, and then an essay is posted on the Stratejoy blog each day during February. At the end of the month anyone can vote for their favorite and the prize is awesome bragging rights and $500!

I wrote my essay and I'm so proud of it! It's real, and raw, and a little lot out of my comfort zone. Then I got an email from Molly saying I was a finalist and I literally squealed in excitement!

The essays that have been going up each day are blowing me away - I am definitely among some beautifully talented women. My essay is the featured one today - I'd love if you'd head over and read it - and maybe leave me some love? (I'll be posting at the end of the month to remind you about voting of course!) 

Read it here!

And feel free to join me in my happy chair dance! (No really, it's more fun than you think).


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