Feb 22, 2012

Mid-week musings

*It's been quiet for a few days on this blog, thanks to the sickness that was last week, but I'm happy to report Ben and I are 100% healthy again. Thanks for all your sweet comments!

*I've decided to like football. I surprisingly got into the Superbowl, and I am now interested in a sport that I've spent 28 years not really caring about. I told Ben the other night I was going to start watching football, but I'm glad I decided to like it now, because I have time before the season starts to learn and to pick a team. He laughed when I told him I was going to do research but I totally am.

I've already eliminated the Redskins (I don't care that they are my home team, I have to root for a team that at least might win), the Patriots (I will not root for a team of prima donnas, especially when their quarterback is Tom Brady), and the Cowboys (because arrogance-wise they're as bad as the Patriots). I want to root for a team that is not made up of men thinking they're God's gift to football. (This might mean I just watch college teams). But get ready because when I choose a team I'm going to trash talk like it's my job.

*Remember how I almost had a panic attack in a craft store? And how I'm such an awesome wife because said craft is for my husband's upcoming birthday? I am here to tell you not only have I made the craft, I survived, and almost *gasp* enjoyed it. I'm not running back to that store any time soon, but it was not nearly as painful as I thought it would be. (I promise, once his party is done I'll give you the full story - and pictures!)

*Purging is awesome. I finished our walk-in closet the other night (started not long after I finished this one), and it looks great! Pictures to come, but I'm here to say furniture is no longer safe in my house. Look at me wrong and you just might get donated.

*At the end of the day there is nothing like a glass of wine, a bottle of nail polish, catching up on your hulu que, and texting with this girl.

*Today is the start of Lent. Each year I try to be specific about my intention of giving something up. Last year I gave up painting my nails and it was way harder than I thought it would be. This year I'm giving up talking on the phone in my car. I have a headset so I'm safe and obeying laws, but this has become a crutch for me - if I'm not talking to someone on my way home I almost don't know what to do with myself. I'm going to ditch the multi-tasking that being on the phone brings, focus on driving, and spend some quiet time in the car during my commute each day. This might sound silly, but trust me when I say this is definitely going to be a sacrifice.

*It always amazes me how much writing a love letter boosts my mood. It's that simple.

Do you watch football? Do you observe Lent? What mid-week musings do you have to share?


The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

You should cheer for the lions. ;) But i also agree with your assessment of the cowboys and patriots. just, no.

Nora said...

Yup, I'm in the Lenten boat this year. I'm giving up fried food, soda and chocolate. Hold me now? This is going to be tough.

If you're looking for a fun college football team, I recommend the Mizzou Tigers =) They aren't always amazing but they have a lot of heart and some pretty great talent and traditions. Plus this coming year they are part of the SEC which is a big change and sure to provide some interesting games and etc.

Marie said...

I haven't decided yet what to do for Lent so I am scrambling to think of something today! Last year I gave up chocolate and it was even harder than I expected.

I vote for following the PACKERS! They are a great team and more grounded than a lot of other teams. I think it makes a difference that they are owned by the fans, not one person. In spite of their success, they are not cocky. Plus Aaron Rodgers is a cutie!

Amber said...

Oooh giving up talking on your phone in the car is a good one! I should do that too. And I DON'T have a headset!

Your new football thing is CRACKING me up! HA

jen said...

You should certainly pick the Lions! As a translplanted Michigan girl in CT, any glimmer of hope out of Detroit is inspiring (and if you want to follow baseball, it was fantastic when the tigers beat the yankees int he playoffs...just dont say that to loud to my husband...)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I do not watch football, but I participate in this game called "king of the hill". You pick a team each week that you think will win, but you can't pick the same team twice. If you pick a team that loses, you get a strike; 3 strikes and you are out. I love it because I am competitive, but I dont' have to watch the actual game and I only have to pick one team a week so it's not overwhelming. You should play this year. It's only $5!!

I do observe Lent. I am giving up sweet/treats that come from a vending machine - so basically candy and chips and such.

Steve D. said...

I'm giving up hoagies for Lent. For all non-Philadelphians that's a sub/hero sandwich. This is a daily staple for me at lunch time. With so many great hoagie shops (Sarcone's, Primo's, Foster Boys, Capriotti's, Wawa) it's tough. Though I'm upping the ante by giving up anything on a hoagie roll. No hoagies, cheesesteaks, roast porks, grinders, etc. Guess I'll be losing weight this Lenten season!

Steve D. said...

Hey Becky what's your favorite hoagie shop? DO NOT SAY SUBWAY! I know you love that place but do not say Subway.

Katie Himes said...

I don't care how many people say Lions. Just don't do it.

COLTS. You know you want to. They rock, even when lacking Manning, PLUS they're from Indy. Quite frankly, if you don't root for the Colts, I'll be after you.

Stephany said...

OK, first of all, all your reasonings for what teams not to like are so spot on. :) Love it! And you should totally root for the Dolphins, because dolphins are cute. I "picked" this team when I was younger for this very reason and have stuck with them ever since!

This will be my first year participating in Lent. I'm not Catholic but just really love the whole idea behind Lent and sacrificing something for 40 days. It should be a great test in my self-control!

Mandy said...

Chatting with you last night was pretty fabulous. I like college football better than professional football. Love my Ohio State Buckeyes.

Laura said...

May I suggest the Pittsburgh Steelers? *shameless*

They have a rich history and they definitely do not think they are Gods. :)

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Yeah, when you start trash talking can you warn me ahead of time? I get enough hate for the Patriots on twitter. It must be the kindergarten teacher in me but I hate trash talking, I even limit the Yankees trash talking and that's very hard for me!

On another note, I could not give up talking on the phone in the car- I love it! haha

Jess said...

I remember when you gave nailpolish up last year.....how has it been an entire year?

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I used to give things up "for Lent" because all my friends were doing it & it felt like a good time to self-reflect. I totally remember your giving up nail polish & feel like it CAN'T have been a whole year since then. Wow!

Also, if you want to join the ranks of the proud but for a team that largely fails? Join me in becoming a Browns fan! No prima donnas here. ;)

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