Feb 6, 2012

The Phantom Moon

Remember that Harry Potter Hoop Art I showed you? Today I'm happy to introduce you to Jenny, creator of said hoop art, and owner of the Etsy shop The Phantom Moon. She was sweet enough to answer a few questions for me, and there may even be a little something in here for you!

How did you get started with your Etsy shop? Is it your full-time business? Thanks to my Mom, I've been creating since I was old enough to hold a crayon in my hand. My family and friends have always been so encouraging and supportive about what I create and told me I should try opening my own shop. When I stumbled onto Etsy, it seemed like the perfect fit! I'm hoping to make my shop my full time business and self-sustaining in 2012.

What inspires you? I'm a very visual person so I'm constantly inspired by everything around me from movies (we're always quoting movie lines in my family), books, art, photography, family, and food. I also have an extremely curious soon to be 5 year old that helps me see life in a whole new way. I'm also addicted to Pinterest and that baby is chock full of inspiration! 

When did you learn to embroider? My Mom taught me some sewing basics right after my daughter was born, and after that I picked up a few books to teach me how to embroider some stuffies I had made her. It's been one of my favorite mediums since then and makes me feel almost like I'm painting on fabric which I love.

Is there a story behind the name The Phantom Moon? When I was in college I fell madly in love with Duncan Sheik and his music. It's beautiful and haunting at the same time. I was thinking of a shop name and was listening to one of his songs and one of the lyrics mentioned "Phantom Moon" (also title of the album)...it was the middle of the night and I happened to be looking at one of the most beautiful full moons at the same time and it just hit me that The Phantom Moon was meant to be the name of my shop.

How do you come up with the items in your shop? Do you set aside time every day to create or is it a more "as it comes" mentality? I'd say it's definitely more of an "as it comes" mentality. Mostly the ideas just pop in my head randomly during the day or as I'm working on a project. I do get a lot of ideas when I'm laying down in bed getting ready to fall asleep. The only downside is if I don't "unsnuggle" myself and jot down my ideas, I usually forget about them by morning! Bed time and sleep are absolutely my kryptonite.

What's your favorite item in your shop right now? Does this ever change? They definitely change all of the time, especially according to my mood. Right now I love my Sign Language Hoops, but I have to say my Wingardium Leviosa Hoop is always right up there as my fav.

And just for fun, if you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Hands down I would have to say anything Mint Chocolate Chip! I'm in lust with Starbucks' Peppermint Mocha Lattes and pick Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream over any other flavor 99% of the time. And who couldn't eat chocolate at every meal (and in between?)

What do you think? I love how creative Jenny is with all her different products! (Those Sign Language Hoops crack me up!) Jenny went an extra step and is offering you a discount code for anything in her shop! Just use the code NEEDIT15 when checking out and you'll receive 15% off your order! The code is good through Tuesday, February 14th. (Last minute Valentine's Day gift anyone?) 

Thanks again Jenny! 

(All photos courtesy of The Phantom Moon)


Nora said...

What a cute idea! Never thought of hoop art being stylish or trendy but she totally makes it that way. I think my fav, mostly cause it made me laugh out loud is the OMG one!

Anonymous said...

I love the sign language pieces- the detail in her work is beautiful & impressive. Great feature! :)

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